Thursday, 26 June 2014

Toddling away w' a difference

As the school wraps up for their winter holidays , we off  To join my whole family In George,
I've been blogging for a term now, what a wonderful journey it has been, thank you to every follower, it means the world to me, may this last forever .......
My second last holiday away with the family was during my peak days of pnd (see my blog )
this time  is obviously better, even though the meds are halved and the days are up and down :
Getting my head around change Routine. Structure, noise & to the unknown is a challenge but I will get my mind right and keep my prayers strong.
Being A type is sometimes a little sucky-we want control&order & we want to know the unknown but that's not the way life presents itself, us people just need to breath. 
Take steps, trust &know everything will work out. 
Something else we wish to control is money, if only holidays contained money , mmmm now wouldn't that be great. 
Poor hubby works so hard & then it comes to the 27th of the month ( we paid on 15th) and we sit with a few less handfuls than we wished for , but  blessed to be spending time with the family and seeing my  precious gran. Money has no price on these simpler blessings

As I hunted out the suitcase & that gorgeous one piece called a costume I'm 
reminded of this recent blogpost on being a fun mommy .....
Well done fellow blog writer. Well said and so very true
As I embrace the warm pools near by, I will take up this challenge :)

While we on the costume subject, I received this recent post of some laundry guidance: how absolutely hilarious is this : my goodness ;)

today a friend shared that she was pregnant, I 
was filled with goosebumps I immediately messaged back saying I'm thrilled this is the best road ever....I went on saying : she will soon fall in love like never before ....
I sat back a moment with a big pat on my back saying Welldone Kim ,well done , I love this little man with my whole heart ... 
... Now thats something considering the start I had #hopeforPND

Before we blink this week will be over , 
For now I leave you all in love , on my return I will load holiday pics and share 2 new competitions 

 Love&hugs xxx

Reminder to ......

Today will never come again