Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Brr it's cold out there


The flys & Mosquitos are gone but brrr the cold has hit ..... Tomorrow it's expected to be 4 degrees at 8 am in Cape Town. 

And as I wrote about sleep yesterday , last night Matthew woke up twice ( cold and windy outside ) so I'm guessing for one of these reasons. In he snuggled with us and I landed up putting my head and pillow on our side table in order to give the two men in my life their space ..... 

But while I yawn away, thank you Lord that we have a warm house, bed and warm food.
Others out there have none of these..... Perhaps we can scratch around our cupboards, find a warm blanket and a warm meal in a throw away container and pop out and bless a vagrant or even a late night car guard doing his bit for a few pennies...

Last week I decided to  part with one of our spare blankets, cook some extra food and ventured out to bless a dear man sleeping outside in our local neighbourhood. The smile on his face and his endless Thank yous were so heart warming.

Do all the good you can
in all the ways you can
at all the times you can
to all the people you can
as long as ever you can.
- John Wesley
I urge you to try think about the homeless and supporting this wonderful cause by Luke Baker 

Blankets4CT (@Blankets4CT)

Morning to all of u on a cold & wet CT morning. Please buy a blanket for someone today, R70 is all it takes. Check out blankets for CT on FB