Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sleep! We all love sleep

thanx to little man sleeping now , I'm able to do this quick blog ....
From the womb to the world ,
 We all love our sleep but that some what changes when the littlies are born .
Even though we been blessed with a very good sleeper and a boy who thrives on routine  there is always those nights here and there of loss of sleep , I doubt anyone who says "my child sleeps through" actually has a child who always sleeps through, every night.
There is the teething stage, 
the growth spurts, 
the hot summer night and cold winter nights ......and the list goes on.
But thanx to the BABYSENSE Book, some great tips from friends, family and trial and error, Ive managed to get Matthew into a routine from early on  ( about 16 weeks) and I'm thankful , as we reaping  the benefits now : 
Here are a few things that helped us.   Routine for sure , children thrive on routine. 
  • Sleep makes sleep ( every child is however different ) , but with Matthew if he sleeps in the day approximately 12-2 or 12-3 and goes to bed at 7pm, he sleeps so much better. Than if I let him miss his day sleep or put him to bed late. I think we forget sometimes, they too, get overtired. 
  • A well fed baby, especially protein. A full tummy is a happy nights sleep. When in doubt give yoghurt.

  • Bath, bottle, bed. A nice warm bath, a warm bottle, cuddly story and into their cot or bed.
  • Co sleeping is awesome ( at times) but mom, dad and baby do need their own space. However my philosophy is do what works for you. However you get sleep, do whatever works for you as a family. But ideally routine is best. Bath, massage, brush teeth, bottle, story and to bed awake, say a nice happy good night, big kisses and hopefully off the go to dream land for the night.

  • A awesome nappy. I have always used pampers premium care. I have tried many other brands , they all seem to leak, so even though the Pampers Premium care is r3.10 a nappy as apposed to +- r2.4o a nappy , it makes fir a good nights sleep. At the moment Matthew can go the whole 
  • day without a nappy change ( if he ident poop) thanks to the wonderful Pampers PremiumCare. It's thin, light and well absorbed. The extra bonus is they Fit until 25kg.
  • A calming cd, played as soon as the littlie is put to bed is always an option to help to induce sleep, it's a comfort or a setting to know its sleep time. 
  • If we out and about and time lapses into sleep time and Mr falls asleep in the car, I have always just picked him up, carried him quietly. ( awake or asleep ) and gone and put him straight In His cot. Curtains closed, music on, bulky clothes and shoes removed. 
  • Us moms Need this day sleep too, a Time Out :) Yeh.
  • The baby sense book is a great guide book of everything to do with the little one. Linking to this book is the next book Toddler Sense. Such a great guide to see if one is meeting their needs. The book focuses both on breast feeding moms aswell as bottle fed babies. The book is divided into the individual age groups which makes for easier reading. 
  • By Ann Richardson & Megan Faure.    http://www.babysense.com