Friday, 6 June 2014

PND journey 2 years in

It's not always strawberrys and cream .....

It's days like today where I feel like climbing under Those blankets again and hiding away ..... Tiredness, exhaustion, finance, and a two year old toddler added in 

Yes I have no work stress but I do have work stress. 
Work stress of running a home..... Keeping a toddler busy and keeping head above water.

Finance is a toughy , life is pricey and driving in the red is becoming no joke..... But as a mom with recovering PND does one return to work and still remain sane.... My admiration is a biggy for those women out there who do it ...well done.... Well done..... praying and praying for answers my way.

And then There's my morning 
After cleaning all morning from a messy house last night ( that's my next post ) 

Taking a two year old  ( quickly ) Into Edgar's to do a quick exchange - ha ha and he refuses to stay on my hip , instead he runs straight for the escalators, pulls clothes off the hangers and attempts to fit a few pairs of shoes on ! Help, 
I then get to the till and they have no code reference to the item I'm exchanging, goodness me, so I cancel the exchange - head to the car and then 
there Matthew throws my car keys across to the next parking section, by this stage I'm pulling hair out....
Home we go for sleep time  and I quickly decide to hang the washing up, to find oh heck a purple scarf got into the machine and everything is purple .... ! 

Bottle made, and into his cot , 
Two extra vitamin b's later,  a calmettes and I'm a little more settled...For now