Thursday, 12 June 2014

Yesterday and today's love

Yesterday and today's friends love you no matter what. 
They help you , love you, cherish you and respect you no matter what. 
They visit in your best and worse dress, they bring you hugs or favors and try understand and support even if they truelly can't.  
They don't judge or scandal behind you.
They fake advice for the good of the receiver and they just simply the best they can be for you at that time...

I am incredibly blessed with these friends and family too..... Even with a broken lamp, a broken cot, a irritable mind, a unsettled heart, 
I have the best family and friends to carry me through and that includes my church my family. What is theirs is mine and what is mine is theirs..... They my brother or sister who cares no matter what.....and I have Jesus as my best friend the biggest lover of my soul....

I hope you can all count on someone today to lift you up, carry you through and show you the beautiful day we've been blessed with. 

Thank you Lord for blessing me xxx
I'm off to make the beds, put away the endless shoes, pair the socks, unpack and pack the dishwasher, put a load of washing on, hang one up, change a poo nappy, make a broken cot, clean the kitchen, open the curtains, round up the many cars, shower -get dressed, feed-entertain-encourage and love a busy two year,,,,
And then Our DAY can begin..... oops ts already 916am.....I better get started

As I head down the passage to begin the above, this is what I find , play dough everyone & a few scribbles on the wall ......