Saturday, 26 July 2014

Then there were 3

Meet Melissa : 
"Feeling so incredibly blessed to have the man of my dreams give me the most beautiful precious children in the world, and I get to be called their mamma! Love you my angels
I met Melissa at moms group, when Matthew was teeny and her 3 ( yes 3 ) were 9 months old. I met Melissa in 2012. Thank you Lord for this friend. I've learnt so much from her wonderful Godly life.
Melissa is amazing& a beautiful person both in&out. She has done, incredibly well with her 3 beautiful kids and her husband is so supportive, loving, caring and a wonderful dad. 
Here's a summary of her life with triplets :0)

The very beginning 
It's Incomprehensible actually!! 
A long scary road, with scary thoughts! 
I found out at 3 weeks as I took that test that can tell u early. But only found out it was trips at 8weeks or so at our scan.

 Extremely scary seeing so many heartbeats!! But God has had his hand on these 3 since the beginning! I absolutely cannot imagine life without them! I'd be a nobody!! Only wrapped my head 
around it at about 5 months.

Born : 
Their birthweight was 
1.9 kg
 1.75 kg 
Super blessed,healthy and perfect and utterly gorgeous!
 Only 2 weeks in hospital. My mom took unpaid leave for 6 weeks to come stay with us and help.

Taking them home 
It was scary to bring them home, we were not prepared as we expected 2 months in hospital. 
The first few days were a blur of bottles and nappies!!! And burping
Um once we found our groove and got used to not sleeping it was a bit easier. 

I often had 2 babies strapped to me and one in a pram or bouncer, while cooking or just doing everyday stuff 😝 . Making purée was redic! Took forever to make so much and was gone in a jiffy!! But still way cheaper than buying puritys for 3 little babas. 

Shaun ( husband) was amazing! Never complaining such a doting dad and husband! 
I would never have coped without him! He worked so hard and still came home to help me and do night feeds :0)bless him.

Growing up 
I hate changes, so I battled when they got their first teeth, as I'd now miss those gummy smiles.
When they turned 1 I almost had a breakdown ! 
Where were my tiny premie babies! 
They have always been on target with milestones! Which is amazing! They really are such blessed 
little beings.Considering they were 2 months prem.
I took the babies everywhere with me, never had a nanny, ( didn't trust anybody) and socialized them 
wherever I could.  

Turning two
When they turned 2, I did have a mild breakdown... 😝 seriously. 
Time had gone far too quickly especially looking back now. 

They  talking,jumping ,running bike riding,ball kicking, toy throwing little hooligans!! And I love them more every single day! 

Funny how u think you can love to capacity... Then still love a little more!
It's bitter sweet hearing your babies talk in sentences, they no longer sign or moan and grone, but all of a sudden they talk! 

They can communicate, they can tell you how they feel and what they want or what someone is doing, but the best is hearing... I love you mommy
But it has not always been rainbows&butterflies :
we've had the sleep training ,the screaming, the crying, fears of thinking how are we going to get 
through this. Yet we do.
 The the funny thing is I look back and still long for those days. 
To hold a sleeping baby against your chest, or strap them to me just so I can feel their heartbeats next 
to mine... Ah so for now we all sleep in the same bed .. And I love it soooo much..

....the trips will be 3 in September.
As I said a remarkable family:0)
Well done Melissa & Shaun, what a inspiration for us all. 
Melissa has a wonderful friend, who takes all her professional photos, for her. 
A very talented, Cape Town photographer, Faye Turbull : 
follow her Here

       Bless you my friend