Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Out &About with Broccoli

Absolutely wonderful when your child demolishes trees and trees of broccoli .... But being caught unaware at the shops the next day ..... Not such a pleasant business. Ha ha. The parcel is delivered and mom has no nappy let alone wet wipes
 ( mom is over the baby bag and has downscaled ) so the bathrooms we hit got rid of the parcel with good ol' toilet paper&water and Shuwee we can breath again ,......the new nappy can wait till home ... A wet pants is so much easier ......
 ( mom even squeezed in a movie,  yes a movie, now that's been ages since I sat in a movie house.... Sometimes it just takes that one friend to get us out and about ( on a week night too ) .......
advice to new moms- When purchasing a car seat for 9kg plus. Always buy a good seat - a dark colored seat and a seat that goes from 9-36kg. ..Silly mistake :we have o.5kg and our man will be 18kg. means goodbye the 9-18kg seat and hello to the -36kg seat ......ToysRus
For now a dear friend has lent
 us her seat and mommy took her hair band and improvised a extra safety device, so monkey can't get his arms through the belt.

Chuffed with the spoils we got at cotton on kids. Some awesome 100% cotton pjs - such a comfy fit . V&A Waterfront|Cotton on kids
And great 2 for 1deals ...

The rain spared us a gap on Saturday afternoon and we went to discover a great greenbelt nearby .....
Constantia greenbelt 

Dressed by woolies and off we went to celebrate Father's Day at Primi, what a bonus to discover they
 have a cute small kiddies section with supervised kiddies activities. Yeh for that  Primi wharf -V&A
Winter has set in and that means running outta ideas to keep the little ones busy .... Great spoils from
Exclusive Books    ( inexpensive fun too between  r50-r100). Great fun.
What a blessing it was having a long weekend with the men and women in my life , hoping you all 
having a great week , will post some more mommy discoveries later, for now wishing you all a great day ahead.
I'm off to visit my darling triplets and their amazing mommy ( a story for another day)  


Xxx hugs&Gods richest blessings