Friday, 13 June 2014

Father's Day

Yes Matthew might think his dad is special and the best 
but amongst all the daddy's each daddy is the best .... Even though us mommies and single parents work very hard in whatever we do -be it a stay at home parent or a working parent. A daddy works hard too...
My daddy's a teacher and even though he spends about 260 days a year attending to other kids, he loves me with his whole heart. He was so helpful to my mommy when she wasn't so well when I was born, he gave me my first bath, saw my first poo and fed me every night for 5 weeks with the help of my ouma, thank you daddy. 

 He works very hard for very little pay. But my mommy and I are so blessed he has a job and he is able to help keep my mommy at home with me for as long as possible.... I wish my daddy earned more just because he deserves so much more. He goes to work every day at 7 am and returns to our home anything between 5-9pm. He either has rugby, cricket, music, hockey, fashion show or concerts. Friday nights he often has rugby or cricket under the school flood lights and most Saturday mornings are taken up by school. Every night when he comes home he 
Plays with me , baths me, we eat as a family and I go to bed. 
He then goes to his work desk and works every night 5/7 till about 10pm. He has very little time with my mommy, but she is very very grateful for the holidays and a bit of the weekends that she gets with him.
Today my daddy finally got some money together to buy me a puzzle, I am such a lucky boy, I can finally move on , from my 2 piece and start learning 3,4,5 pieces. Thank you Dad.  Tonight he is treating my mom and I to an ice cream out somewhere and we look so forward to finally having him on holiday with us in 14 sleeps time (even though he only gets 2/3 weeks of holiday , because he is very busy with a school show) ....... 
We going to go away with my ouma and Oupa and I get to see my Nana yeh
Thank you Jesus for my mom and dad. Thank you for keeping them going strong through the good and the bad times and thank you for blessing me with a daddy who loves me with his whole heart.
Ps I am also very blessed to have a super duper Oupa and Grandad ....... I get to spend so much time with them both & I thank each of them for being wonderful role models to my mommy&

                              HAPPY FATHERS DAY FRIENDS AND FAMILY ..........