Friday, 20 June 2014

Hope 4the lows

For those who understand depression , lows, pnd, suffering or even the ones who try to understand it will relate to this article.
Trying to balance finance , housework , shopping , Matthew , family , friends and God is ok if we stay focused on our God and make Him our centre core , it's ok when things are going smoothly but when things overwhelm us and we get offered a small job to help provide for the family we jump at it and even get a little excited.
But when the morning arrives of the interview and things all go slightly pear shaped you start mild panic attacks and hyperventilate at the thought of how ill cope, can I do this, will Matthew be ok,
how, when and why and the biggest question?What is wrong with me, why can't I be normal , why can't I put my big girl panties on and just get out there....?..?.. Why can't I be like all those amazing working moms out there .....
Then you take a moment to read Gods word  and you get reminded !Matthew might be one child and Graeme one grown man but they mine. They mine to nurture and love and devote my attention to., my focus to attend to and God my provider. I was humbled and brought back to reality that yes my dear friend the job us stay at home  moms do are priceless, nameless, worthless and attention-less but They so important. Yes very hard work at times but a very important job non the less. 
God can restore vision 
He can give hope to dream again 
He can bring his truth to bear upon lies of discouragement 
He can give assurance of a promising future 
Praying for a vision for the future 
Praying to understand that our plans are for good and not evil , for a future and a hope 
The things which are impossible with men are possible with God 

Jeremiah 29:11
I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says The Lord
Thoughts of oeace and not of evil 
To give you a future and a hope 
I want to encourage those moms or women out there who may  be in the same situation as me , don't feel worthless, useless , weak, soft or down. Reach for our God. Turn your situation into something wonderful positive and useful. You may not be ready for change and that's ok. A wise friend said to me today Gods timing is perfect , and she is so right. It's ok to be and just be for now. 

Have a beautiful start to the weekend.