Monday, 27 April 2015

Dingle dangle bunny ears Lily 'n Jack

I just love love love Lily 'n Jack bunnies. I wish I'd seem them before Matthew was born , but we have one now, just incase ....

Lily 'n Jack, the designers and manufacturers of the award winning Baby Bath Apron and Snuggle Bunny™ and Blankie range - the ultimate self-soothers to help calm and settle your little one. Touch is the first means by which a baby can communicate with the world. Snuggle Bunnies' soft, luxurious feel stimulates physiological and emotional responses in a child / baby and promotes healthy development and sleep. 

Little Nathan in Matthews school carries his bunny with him wherever he goes, too cute. 


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Saturday, 25 April 2015

One person who does the work of twenty. For free : muhther

My daddy came back yesterday after 5 long days, away.
 Mommy is so grateful he isn't away often.  The extra Hands are so helpful. 

Mommy tried hard and so did little monkey boy, but fetching day was one whirlwind of note. 

  • Mommy woke up , showered. Dressed me and nanny came to look after me as Tuesdays I don't go to school
  • Mommy raced to our nearest mall and walked to fast, she felt like she had done some serious exercise 
  • She went from shop to shop to get my ecsema mix 
  • Special dinner for dad and a welcome home balloon 
  • She was home within an hour , cleaned the whole house 
  • And even put out some pretty pink roses to add that extra sparkle to welcome daddy home. 
  • While mommy was cleaning I accidentally popped the welcome Home balloon which didn't make mommy to happy but. I said sorry and asked for a new one for Daddy. Cause I said it would make him happy and I promised not to the pop the next one. Nanny offered to pay for the new one. 
  • Once the house was tidy. Mommy made daddy A special dish for dinner some yummy butter Chicken , while mommy was busy 
  • I found a pairOf scissors and cut a rose off the beautiful new bunch Yikes. Oopsie : but at least it made another little vase pretty
  • I went to play outdoors and while outdoors I needed To poo , ( I am learning to go without nappies ) I landed up Eating 2 squishes that mommy got on special at clicks And hence my tummy wasn't happy so I landed making 5 sloppy piles in the garden. So mommy quickly wiped me down and dressed  Me for swimming which was soon soon. 
  • Before that she ran to get the hose pipe and some dettol but when she Got to the tap the link had snapped off so she hurried to the otherside Of the house to get the other link and managed to clean up my piles. 
  • Off we went to swimming and back home I showered.  Go dressed. And while I watched some Telly nanny watched me again while mommy Hurried back to the balloon shop. 
  • When mommy got back she was exhausted from rushing , vacuuming Mopping, washing , cooking, sparkling the house, my swimming and then I dropped my popcorn everywhere so she quickly used the broom and Pan to ' skoppie' it up. (I did help her though ) 
Off we went via the airport to drop off a baby seat for my Friend from Durban but mommy took jan smuts. Instead of borchards quarry what a detour. Oops But finally we found then dropped it off and headed to the airport. Via 2 black cows crossing the road. Yikes e doodle. 

Eventually we got to the airport but mommy missed the turning to parkade 3
 and had to go around again. 

Finally we were at the airport and mommy had to entertain me A short while as I didn't quite understand why daddy's school were Taking so long. 

Off we went home but first mommy had to do go do some work helping A little girl with her homework for an hour and I went home With daddy. When mommy got home we had dinner bath 
And we all went to bed early 
( except for daddy that is ) and we slept like a log.

Some added bonus to our next days journey 
Was mommy juggling money and shopping and planning my Party and her work and blog and then she took me For a picnic in the forest and while in the forest mommy had to change 
My poo so  after our forest walk mommy put me in my seat and closed the door went to throw my happy away and click the car locked and mommy Realized the keys were in the car. Luckily I'm old enough For mommy to gently speak me through opening the locking 
Mechanism. Shuuu weeee 
Mommy is thankful now and again for coffee in the day and some wine 
At night 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Pitta-Patta little feet ..... Today your little one is in for a treat :-0

Pitta-Patta little feet ..... Today your little one is in for a treat :-0)

Babies and kiddies love walking bare foot. And frankly “Barefoot is Best”. However,  
this is not always practical or possible That is why we have designed our shoes.
to give your child the closest feel to walking bare foot.
What to look for in baby shoes
Flexible soles give these little growing feet the perfect environment to develop and strengthen
while learning to walk, in a nutshell “ No support is all they need”. Little feet get really hot because they exert 
a lot of energy, so it's important that the shoe allows the feet  to 'breathe.' A shoe made withunlined leather
is ideal for a baby and toddler. So at Pitta-Patta, all our shoes are unlined, (so they absorb the 
moisture and then keep the feet cool), and they sport a soft, flexible, slip-resistant suede sole.
Pitta-Patta - Manufacturers of Leather Baby ShoesKonrad Cell: 082 253 1491 
Pitta-Patta House:
Tel/Fax 021 556 72 52,
P.O.Box 11105, Boubergrant, Cape Town, S.A, 7443
Pitta-Patta Shop:
119 Blaauwberg Rd, Table View, Cape Town, S.A. 7441

"Ordered my second batch of shoes from Pitta-Patta on Friday and already received them this morning. They are stunning. Such excellent service and made so beautifully. Cannot wait to order some more." T. Roberts 

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Love till the end ~ faith

Recently I wrote an article called My mommy heart is broken   
 It was about a dear girl named Lucy. Today was Lucy Faith's celebration of life along with her dear little girl Alexis's memorial. It was a beautiful service. The church was full of loved ones, beautiful bouquets, 2 burning candles, a framed picture of little Alexis's hand and foot prints, a painted picture of her baby A and Jesus
and a beautiful blown up photograph of dearest Lucy.

Lucy had many special friends and family members, a few beautiful eulogys were read and Lucy's exceptionally faithful mom spoke so inspirationally about their dear daughter.  

A wise sermon was shared about how ready and faithful Lucy was and the mentioning of just how short our time on earth is.  It was mentioned how our birthdate is unknown , so is our death date , but in actual fact that dash between our birth to death date is so short, just as our life is on earth, and it was encouraged for us to seek our hearts ~
The service was ended by prayer, but before that ~ 
Lucy's hubby played a tribute song to hear, a song written and played by him on their wedding day, what a brave and courageous man he is and those vows he once made to Lucy stood strong to the bitter end, in sickness and in health   Till death do us part. 
Lucy was a blessed girl with so much love from her friends & family & today we heard just how bubbly, enthusiastic, faithful, caring, kind , gentle & special she was to many. 
Memorials are often the places that remind us just how short life actually is and how we should value each and every person and never take a day or moment for granted. 
Love our loved ones, give those blessings called children extra hugs and kisses 
Live life to the fullest .
Rest in peace dear Lucy 
Until we meet again 


Craftalu giveaway

Craftalu is such Fun. A all inclusive packed box of creative goodies for you and your kiddie to do. 
Clear instructions ,everything's marked and ready to do , for that specific craft
~  delivered straight to you, no hassle at all. 
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Monthly craft boxes for R350 (4 craft projects). R340 per month for 3 month subscription, R330 for 6 months, R320 for 12 months. 50% discount for sibling.
Monthly home deliveries of kids arts and crafts, specifically designed to not only be fun but also encourage and enhance vital developmental milestones!

As busy moms, we know how hard it can be to find the time to not only come up with crafts to do with your kids, but also source the materials! Even after all this you're still not sure whether you've 
come up with something that'll boost your child's rapidly developing brain. And that's why we 
developed Craftalu.

Craftalu is designed to spark kids’ natural creativity and curiosity with Occupational-Therapist approved, hand-selected projects and materials. We created Craftalu because we want to make it fun and easy to spend “healthy,” fun time, exploring and creating together. Website coming soon!


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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Why I've left teaching by fellow blogger : my life my love

I could not have said it better ...... Partly why I left teaching too and why it's not soooo easy to return.
Follow the link  Here

photo (19)

I’ll be totally honest and say that I never thought this day would come.
I have been in a job that I have loved for 15 years.
Teaching is all I ever thought I would do. All I have ever done. All I have ever wanted to do.
I am sat here, surrounded by the 4 brightly coloured walls, full of colourful displays that I hope I’m remembered for, saddened by the deafening silence of the classroom now that all of my class have disappeared off on their Easter Holidays.
This very room has been my second home for so long.
For the hour when I am in the classroom, with the class, teaching, I love it. It’s still the most rewarding feeling to know that you have taught, supported, encouraged and guided a child throughout their learning.
But sadly, that’s not the job any more.
The powers that be, the political masterminds who believe they know how children should be taught, have changed the job, beyond measure. They have changed the dynamic in the classroom and the pedagogy behind modern day learning.
The Government’s frequent, rapid changes to both the curriculum and expectations are too dramatic to not warrant consultation.
The latest trend in teaching styles, seem to put the teacher in the background; giving pupils ownership of their learning.
Gone are the days of teacher led lessons, where the teacher utilises their expert knowledge to progress learning.
Has the pendulum swung too much towards pupil based learning therefore under utilising the teacher’s knowledge and skillset?  Is this the deliberate intention of the DfE?
The latest Government figures suggest that the number of teachers quitting the profession have hit a record high, of 4000 a month.
And that saddens me. So much.
The Government often quotes how the greatest minds and intelligent people with skillsets should be utilised in education. Why do the Government think that these people would want to put themselves into the current teaching environment, probably on far less money than they are currently earning?
BBC news have been covering this very story. The demand for teachers is growing because of the baby boom. But it’s getting harder to recruit the target number of teachers with an apparent 7% shortfall in the required number of trainee teachers.
However, surely the BBC have missed the point with regard to teaching numbers? I believe that the focus should ultimately be on retaining existing teachers and re-recruiting those with experience, that have left the profession.
This should surely be the top priority for the next Education Secretary: to ensure that teachers remain in the profession.
With the current funding issues encapsulating all schools, experienced teachers high up the pay scale are almost automatically knocked out of the running for jobs because schools can’t afford to pay them – it’s surely the only industry where experience is NOT an advantage?
In a results driven environment, full of tick boxes and paperwork, I started to wonder and question where the actual ‘teaching’ that I had trained so hard for, had sadly disappeared to.
The current expectation put on teachers is without a doubt, unrealistic and dangerously unmanageable.
Pupils have become instruments for teachers to achieve their performance management targets rather than individuals. I am still bemused by the expectation that all pupils are expected to make the same amount of progress within an academic year. This is ridiculous. If we were all the same, we would all be the same as adults. All children learn and progress at different rates and it is completely wrong for a teacher to be held accountable for that.
 This is a job and a profession that I never thought I would ever leave.
 But right now, my own children and my family need to come first.
There’s a common phrase that is branded around within schools, ‘Every Child Matters’.
And yes, that’s true. However teaching, be it full time or part time is growing increasingly impossible for teachers with their own children. The sheer demand of the job that impacts so heavily on a teacher’s own time, made me grow increasingly resentful for the time I was spending on the children in my class, as opposed to my own children. My own 2 beautiful children who needed their Mummy.
Sadly, it’s more a case of ‘Every Child Matters, apart from your own.’
And I wasn’t prepared for that to be the case, anymore.
No more using my days off to write lesson plans for the following week.
No more spending weekends alone, making resources while the rest of the family head off to the park.
No more rushing or skipping a bedtime story so that I can get on with the stacks of marking, every night.
No more hours analysing computer screens of tracking sheets and data spreadsheets.
No more proving progress in order to justify and maintain my salary.
Very sadly, teaching is not a job any more; it’s a lifestyle choice. I wanted to make the choice to change my lifestyle. I was missing out on my children.
Regretfully, the number of qualified teachers leaving the profession is only going to rise, if nothing is done to change the unrealistic conditions of service.
 Eventually there are not going to be enough teachers for the number of children in Britain and therefore, is the focus on pupil led learning and the under utilisation of a teacher’s skillset, a way of opening the door for unqualified staff?
I am genuinely concerned about who will be teaching my own children, when they get to school age. It’s not acceptable to simply just have a body at the front of the classroom.
For our education system to rival the best in the world, we need to retain experienced staff who are experts in their field, who have trained and dedicate their careers to helping our children grow.
photo (39)
Brilliant blog posts on
Mami 2 Five

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Joining the blogger world has been super amazing. Especially when we meet a new bunch of  people who care, love , support and give great tips & advice.

This month my featured blogger is a beautiful mommy of two named Maz  from 

 I love following her  Parenting and Lifestyle Blog .

"Besides offering some fabulous competitions and writing honest product reviews – I also write about Tattoos, Parenting, BeautyPregnancy, Recipes & Food, My Family, Health, Fashion, Controversial Topics and every now and then Cole writes something for the dads. Please take some time to read why I do not give parenting advice, as well as how product reviews work on the blog.

I hope that when you are done reading my blog you walk away feelinginspired, feeling that you are not alone and knowing that you are doing the best you can. "
Maz writes about her time she experienced PND with her first born , 
Read it Here

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Xxx enjoy 

old school mommy


Thanx mom and dad for raising me to be the mom I am today.
Thank you dad for keeping mom at home so that we could have her raise us.

Thank you mom for those big cloth-nappy changes , late night feeds and sleepless nights ,
(and with me it took rather long-oops)
 Thank you mom,for being mom&dad in the early days when dad was away for work.
Thank you for surviving Young parenting , 21 is very young and you made it and to be added to that is, you made it without a mom/dad yourself.
And well done to both You and dad on not just surviving young parenting , but young marriage and 34 years later you still as happy as ever! That's a big High five from Matthew. 

Thank you for being home with us for 17 years, until you started your own small business. Thank you for the baby days, toddler years, primary school years, high school years, taxi years, studying years, marriage years , helping me get through 12 weeks of PND and thank you for still being my mommy.
I hope and pray I can be with Matthew for many years and raise him the way I was raised. 
Thank you mom for sending us outside and allowing us to get dirty really dirty, and then putting us in a huge Shipmate bubble bath with a dash of dettol to get us all cleaned and ready for bed.
Thank you dad for building us the best sandpit ever and making us our own swings and play gym. 
Thank you for raising us with routine, manners, dignity and pride. Thank you for dinners at the table & Grace before hand. Thank you for not giving us everything but giving is soooo much.
Thank you for home cooked dinners, prepared lunches and pay day treats.

Thank you for spoonfeeding us. Security & confidence is key .
 Thank you for our Bibles, Sunday school, youth and including God in our lives.