Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Table view Sunningdale parklands schools

Because it's talk of late what school,which school, why, where and how. I thought I'd blog of what I know. Having lived in table view for 28 years, taught in a local primary school for 9 years and currently have friends, family and colleagues in the area , I'll share what I know.

Every single school has it's highs and lows, it's achievers and failures. Each school has great teachers who have all studied 3-4 years + . These teachers have all studied at similar institutions, be it mowbray teaching campus. UCT, Stellenbosch or UNISA. 
Each school has a management, a governing body and each school has great leaders and weaker leaders. Each school has groundsmen, some better than others. 

The government schools in this area are all zoned to where you live. If you live out of the zone of a particular school, you may apply to be put on a waiting list and a motivation letter may help you in this regard. 
To find out your zoning , phone a nearby government school and ask them which zone you fall in. Obviously the school nearest to you is your zoned school. 
To help make your decision easier it is advised to go to the primary school that fed your child's pre primary school, as friends make the adaption t primary school that much easier. 

There are a few private schools in the areas. I have heard absolutely wonderful reports from all of them. They do require you to put your child's name on their list , even as soon as birth. Some of them require a deposit to secure their name on their list. They too have the strengths and weaknesses. Some are more affordable than others, they have smaller classes than the government schools. It us up to the parent, what they can afford and how they feel about the atmosphere of the school. 
The government schools of the area. , namely , Table View Primary, Sunningdale Primary, West Riding, Blouberg Ridge Primary.
All of these schools have their own little  journeys.
Table view Primary was once my primary school. It is the oldest primary school in the area, with Blouberg Ridge Primary School opening up next.  Table View has English and Afrikaans classes, it has a swimming pool too. Blouberg Ridge Primary hasn't got a swimming pool , and has only English classes. 
West Riding was the third school to open with Sunningdale opening the beginning of last year.  They are young fresh schools with a positive future ahead. 
I absolutely loved being a pupil at Table View Primary, I loved teaching for many years at Blouberg Ridge primary . I've heard great response from those that are at Sunningdale primary and haven't herd much with regards to West riding.

Each child to their own, some children thrive in some situations and some will find it hard. Communication is key, having an open book policy with the teachers, secretaries and staff, one will go a very far way. 

Go with your heart, apply at where you feel you can afford, say a prayer and trust your child will get into the school you all feel happy about.  Best of all don't go by hear say, don't add chat to the community. Every school has a story , every school has it's good and it's bad. Support the school, the
 teachers, and make your child's experience of school the best it can be, it's 12 years, make them 

All the best 

Table View Primary : 0215576143/4
Sunningdale Primary School : 021 5542990
Blouberg Ridge Primary School : 0215578422
West Riding Primary School : 0215563330
Parklands : 021 521 2700
CBC: 021556 5969
Elkanah House: 021554 8600