Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Joy of The Lord is my strength

This morning my clever hubby made a new garden bed and involved our little boy to help him 

So I went empty armed to church, which had never actually happened before. 

Being welcomed by the smiles of my church fellow friends whom we all call family is so awesome and refreshing.
A delicious cup of coffee a great preach and then the joy of The Lord took over, particularly messaging those with depression. 

A bunch of us encountered such a refreshing in The Lord, that makes it that  more important to know and have the holy spirit within us. I was so in awe of this prayer time.......

A little encouragement to any of you suffering lows, depression or some  sort of struggle, 
God is good all the time.

Love my Church : Joshua Generation Church

Friday, 26 September 2014

Mommy Today

The mommy in me today congratulates the winner of our wonderful giveaway HUMPTY DUMPTY DIAPERS : Christine In Cape Town Congrats. Enjoy this great boys nappy. Exciting 
This mommy started the day with a poo accident on the carpet by a little toddler waiting for his morning nappy..... Nothing a dettol cloth and some scrubbing muscle can't fix.

With that some Cheerios and grapes are left sprinkled over the house with the odd few cars, puzzles, towels and pyjamas, but alas we head out to our music lesson ( mom with wet hair ( but a shower felt so good ) still bushy eye brows ( got to find that tweezer), a croaky throat cause a drs appointment is simply last on my many things to do :) So grateful  dear Claire is so patient with my very busy boy. Wriggle & Rhyme Claire Golding.

Home via the toy shop to cash in a voucher on some exciting educational toys for our boy, the teacher in me just simply cannot go without, shu the tension in a toy shop with a busy toddler, good thing we were in and out. 

Home before naps to finally unpack the dishwasher ( beyond appreciative for that washywashy 
machine ) hang 2 loads of washing out in this cold weather & give up my provita,cheese and yoghurt to an extra hungry boy : that's what this mama does .... Mmmm, maybe I'll shed a kg of 2;)
So grateful for a hubby who is home later to help a bit & for last night 1.5hrs of out time, 
Out where? Out grocery shopping. Ha ha 

Take a read at these 2 great links 
Keeping your marriage alive : Journey back Challenge

Keeping the Faith through mommy hood : Humbled homemaker

Happy weekend everyone 
Look forward to our exciting Shooshoo giveaway in less than 2 weeks x 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

My privileged giveaway

Before I blog. We all content back here, big boy is back to sleeping 2-3 hours during the day and sleeps so well at night in his little tots bed, the vocab is growing daily, the hugs and kisses are becoming more, the whys and where we going has started and me do everything ..... 
Happiness is ..... Love is ...
I've also been blessed I write and try help with funds for little Nicela .....bless the family x
Read here

I had the honour of being invited to share my journey, my story and my blog with a bunch of mommies at our local Parent Centre. What a lovely bunch of women, run by 2 exceptional hosts. The moms are welcomed with a warm Cuppa something or glass of water with a biscuit and shown to a comfy seat before the various speakers begin to talk. 

If you in Cape Town and are pregnant or have a baby 0-12 months old, please support this lovely group for just R50 for the morning.
 ‪#‎MomsCircleGroup - Mediclinic Constantiaberg - we meet from 10am - 12 noon: Thursdays 
Cape Town medic clinic Tuesdays 10-12 
Click here for more info

I loved sharing my story with the mommies and have since started my planning for a non formal support group and am Currently seeing and helping two mommies, with their journey ....
I love the support there is together and that we all so real ....
--a little note back to me --
( Thank you so much for your frank, real and honest sharing with the moms 
today - I cant tell you how we appreciate it and the talk went down really
really well with the Moms.
We could see them listening attentively and so much of what you said
resonated with so many of the Moms.

You managed to put across just the sort of information they needed to know,
and in such a positive yet gentle way and you really gave them hope and
something to strive towards and look forward to , on their ( often bumpy)
journey of motherhood.  Most of the Moms are feeling sleep deprived at
present as their babes are still so little, and as you know, this just
exacerbates so many emotions and feelings, yet seeing you look and feel so
positive and relaxed and really joyful in your role of Mom, was testament to
the fact that with intervention and talking, we are all winners.
Keep up the good work  - your time and input this morning was so valuable.)

:0) on that note Humpty Dumpty are giving away 
A winning mom 1 packet  one size fits all diapers with one
 microfiber insert and one bamboo insert.
Either a boy / girl print 

Humpty Dumpty diapers

All you need to do is : 
Like Humpty Dumpty Facebook page, 
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share the comp : you have till Friday 26 September 

X Hugs

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hope for baby Nicela

After reading this recent story, hearing the great support from the KFM team and watching the support grow for this dear little girl and her family. I decided to ask Nicelas mom to share her story with me.  KFM link
Baby Nicela was born on 16 March 2014.  It was an unwanted pregnancy and the birth mother wanted nothing to do with her.  She did not want to know whether it was a boy or a girl, whether the baby was healthy or any other information and did not 
want to see her.
The biological mother received no antenatal care during her pregnancy.  She used cocaine occasionally and drank alcohol on almost a daily basis.  From the day she found out she was pregnant it was just something that had to be born so that she could get rid of it and carry on with her life.  
She informed the hospital sister that she wanted to relinguish the baby for adoption.  She left hospital that night, without being discharged and disappeared.  She was tracked viafacebook and threatened with arrest for child neglect after which she came forward and signed the necessary documents with the Cape Town Child Welfare 
For  three weeks our baby lay in hospital without the tender touch and love of a 
mother.  No one to hold her and kiss away the tears when she cries.  She lay there alone in an unfamiliar world with no one to love her.  Every time I look at her smiling 
face I am relieved to know that she will not remember that part of her life.
After the case was referred to the Cape Town Welfare Society,  emergency mother, Karin Noonan took baby Nicela into her care.  This is where we met our precious baby girl as Karin is a friend of ours.  Karin introduced us to Nicela, as she did with the other 8 babies she had previously cared for, then she told us Nikki’s story.
Nicela  was diagnosed with a rare syndrome,Klippeltremaunay-Webber Syndrome, which is a condition of the lymphatic and vascular systems.   She has a large growth on the left side of her upper body which extends around to her back. 

 She has the same vascular growth on her left arm which is also visibly deformed.  When she was initially diagnosed with this syndrome there were concerns that her left arm would be affected and would not be developed or befunctional.  She was also diagnosed with congenital haemangioma, referred to as a ‘benign port-wine stain/birth maron her left hand and partially on her back.  Doctors estimated Nicela’s life expectancy at a month and told Karin to bring the body back to Groote Schuur hospital if she dies.  Harsh words…… I still struggle to say it.
I remember thinking to myself, this poor little girl, how unfortunate can one person be.  Her mother doesn’t want her and now she has this condition which will curb her chances in life even more.  What has she done to be punished like this, she is innocent, completely innocent.   She lay there, without any emotion, just watching 
me.  I fell in love with her immediately.
After several visits with baby Nicela my friend, Karin informed me that all the parents on the adoption waiting list were contacted but none of them were interested in 
adopting her because of her medical condition.  My heart broke for this little girl, would no one give her a chance?  Nicela was destined for house Nazareth and her chances of survival would be minimal as the vascular growth was pushing up against 
her air way and she could not move her head.  

Karin and I took Nicela to Red Cross Childrens Hospital for a MRI scan to see what we were dealing with as we did not know whether we were hurting her when we touched her.  By this time I was very much involved with Nicela.  It however never crossed my mind that I would adopt her as I have a 20 year old son of my own.
I met my husband, Jacques, at Bothasig Police station where we both work.  He has no children of  his own but raised my son from the age of 12 and did an exceptional job.  He too became very fond of baby Nicela and we often helped Karin by letting Nicela spend weekends with us as Karin had another abandoned baby in her care already.
Karin told my husband and I that the Welfare Society asked her whether she knew of anyone at all who would be interested in adopting baby Nicela with her condition, and yes, Karin thought of  Jacques and I.  She called us and invited us for coffee.  I must say, my husband turned “50 shades of grey” when she asked us if there was a possibility that we could adopt Nicela.  
It was never something we ever discussed, never thought of, never imagined.
We went home that afternoon and after 4 hours Jacques phone Karin and said, Yes we want to adopt her. Now they are inseparable and completely in love with each other.  If her daddy is in the room, no one else exists and vice versa.    They were the best words I ever heard and I just fell in love with him all over again.  

The Welfare society was informed by Karin the next day and the process started.  We had to go through all kinds of screenings and attend workshops.  After our application was submitted and background checks done the Welfare Society applied that Nicela 
be placed in our care while the adoption process is pending because of the medical care she needs.  
Our little baby has made such wonderful progress.  She is bright and beautiful and moves her arm and hand already.  She has an exhausting physio session every Wednesday morning and the movement she now has in her fingers provides Jacques and I with much joy.
Sadly the medical costs have to be covered by Jacques and myself as we have taken her to a private paediatrician and physio therapist, carefully selected to provide Nicela with the best treatment for the condition she has.  After being discharged from 
hospital, the Red Cross hospital said that they would only see Nicela after six months. 

 I am convinced that had we not started physio and moving her head she would not have survived thus far.  We have applied to have Nicela placed on our medical aid but because she is not registered as Naude yet they wont accept the application.  The Registrar of adoptions in Pretoria says the process could take up to two years because they have a backlog in their work.  Another door closed!
Nicela’s paediatrician tested a new medicine on her to try shrink the growth.  She 
used the medicine for two months but it had bad side effects and Jacques and I 
decided to stop the medicine.  The paediatrician, Dr Bristow,  agreed with our 
decision and said that if the medicine had not made any difference  in 2 months, it will not make any at all.  Our other option was to see a plastic surgeon and he referred us 
to one. The MRI indicated that the lesion is in general very superficial and mainly venous (that is low pressure) in nature, which is positive.  We phoned to make an 
appointment and when we told the surgeon of Nicela’s condition he immediately referred us to Professor Zeeman at Panorama hospital, who specializes in this condition.  A break, for once, I couldn’t believe it.  What are the chances of the only doctor in SA who specialized in this condition being right here on mydoorstep.  We got an appointment for 25 August 2014.  I am so excited I wish I could make the clock tick faster.  He can fix her, he can help her.  She can wear pretty dresses like other little girls and not be mocked or pointed at, like people do now.  Our little girl will have a normal  life,  that we will make sure of.  We will do anything and everything to help her.  She is ours, our own little girl like I carried her in my own womb for 9 months.

Now we have to wait for the 25th of course.  We don’t know what the professor is charging for consultation fee’s.  We were so excited we didn’t ask.  I know we should have, but I will sell my soul to pay for this consultation.  Miracles can still happen, they have to.  
Little Nicela is always smiling and happy and I often become sad when I watch her 
because she has no idea of  how painful her past was or of what her future holds.  I 
am so glad we found her and she found us.
Another condition that baby Nicela has is called PLAGIOCEPHALY.  Nicela’s was 2 
weeks overdue at birth and because of the growth on her chest there was no space in the womb.  There was a lot of pressure to one side of her head. Nikki lay in hospital for 3 weeks, still only on one side of her body, without moving her head, again causing tremendous pressure to one side of her skull. 
The ideal age to start treatment of this specific procedure is 4 months and baby Nicela is now almost  5 months old, we are running out of time.

There is only one orthopaedic surgeon who works with this condition in South Africa and this time we are not so lucky, he is based in Port Elizabeth.  The procedure includes the cost of the helmet which she has to wear to correct the deformity of the shape of her head, which is R5000.  Unfortunately there are extra costs such as the consultation fee of the specialist.  We will have to drive to Port Elizabeth to have Nikki’s head measured, then drive back again, and when the helmet has been 
prepared to collect it and then another trip for measurements and progress.
I feel completely helpless.  I need to do this for my child and I cant.  We already have 
so many other unexpected, unplanned expenses extra a month with a new baby in the house that we just can’t afford it.  Even if medical aid was approved this cost will not be covered.  I just don’t know what to do anymore and I can see that Nikki feels 
my sadness. 

 We try to hide our worries and play with Nikki like every other day but each day our time becomes less and less to help her with this condition.   I have thought of everything.  My mind feels empty.
Thank you so much, just for listening, even if you cant help.

Best Regards
Jacques, Madelaine and Nicela "

Here are the banking details, if you are able to help this dear family.
Please share with others and keep 
This dear little girl and her amazing mom and dad in your prayers. 
Banking details
ACC NO: 1390741948


Friday, 12 September 2014

Press the PANIC Button

This is written for all those PND sufferers out there or for those who can relate or understand in some way .....

Hit the panic button happened recently. When the out of control sign is flashing and your weakness is decisions. God I thank you for YOU. Where would I be without Him, someone to talk to , lean on and have FAITH in......

When your decisions depend on your day to day survival of finance.  Your child's day care, as In With me , the mommy who can teach, clean, shop, and raise a little two year old, single alone, isolated or to preschool here the tears may fall the costs escalate and the fears set in of separation, yet beneficial to us.  Finances to fit the school bill and decisions of continuing in the hope that things will improve and the wish of just wanting to  be a Mom...... But is that enough, ???

This may sound foreign to most of you, but in my little world is reality ....

The nauseating feeling that came across me, the loss of breath, the tears and panic. Is anyone out there, can anyone hear me, can anyone relate.....

I'm not yet ready for the next step in life, the big girl panties, the new routine, structure, the unknown, 

And I'm not ready for decision making. Hit the panic button 

Dear Lord hear my prayers 

Till next time 

Ps. To all my PND FOLLOWERS. even though it may seem to you I have it altogether , 
Sometimes together I don't have it all ...

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pop saves the day

When you wake up and you burnt out by 8am the morning. Your room looks the same each morning. And you restart clean and begin again.  Least to say last night when hubby came to bed he was not IMPRESSED !! Breakfast outies messed in his side of the bed, not cool :( 
Yesterday was a very long day. With double swimming lessons and overdoing it a bit, mr vomited rather a lot after his lesson, thankfully managing to just keep it out the pool. Poor angel was lights out for an hour yesterday afternoon....

Anyway he is at the age where make up,bangles & jewelry:Let alone anything in the house is me , I, I 
do , I help age. Shu. Patience. You get up to to get going to meet a friend and as you put your mascara on. A big blob smears in your eye. Ouch. Rush clean wash and start again. 

Now that you dressed, the kiddies room is tidy, your main bedroom is tidy, it's time to unpack the dishwasher, repack it and clean the kitchen, last but not least is the lounge, with a dash of mushed breakfast cereal in the carpet which takes some extra elbow grease.

Pack every exciting toy, crayons, juice, healthy snacks and out you trek , forgetting to hang up the second load of washing ( which can now wait till you get home ) 
5 minutes away from your destination your car starts to jerk a wee little, guess the red light you've been driving for 2 days is finally kicking in , so down I free wheel into the parking bay. 
This time I take the pram along, and finally get to meet up with such a blessing of a lady. 

At such peace that she can relate to me with my busy boy, who will not sit and occupy himself with all the STUFF I brought along. 
So off we dash to buy some 'healthy pops' , when getting to the till my card won't work, so off to the ATM we hurry to get some cash, 
And finally a strapped in toddler and the POP saves the day, actually two pops allowed !! mom a cup of hot coffee and catch up chat, so nice to be treated to a hot coffee :) THANK YOU 
On our way home after making it to the petrol station, blessed by OUR wonderful family :o)
m blissfully fell asleep and transferred well 
into his bed, 
While we in the bed topic, I tried out this wonderful idea, ( a dinky toddler bed in our main room ) for sicky nights, ecsema nights, cold, hot nights or any night or day needing mommy time, so far it's a great idea and working so well :)

This sleepy time allowed me to hurry that washing onto the line, Clean the toilet ( which had a few sprinkles of formula milk thrown tin it ), fill up the kettle just in time for a dearest friend who was in the area from the North, to visit. Yet again another spoil for us.

Off to make dinner.... Last night was rather yum : bacon, mushroom, mince, tinned tomatoe, tomatoe sauce, chutney, over buttery green beans :0) 

I love my friends, family, my hubby and dearest boy, and my Awesome GOD for all these dear 
blessings we have in our lives.....

Comment below in the comment section or on my facebook page, what a typical day is for you and your family? Are you constantly cleaning? And what is your tot up to?