Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My mommy heart is broken

My mommy heart is broken. Not for my own child but for my friends mom. 
Not too go into to much detail. A school friend married a church friend and through friendship circles we began to pray for this dearest girl. 
They lost their baby around 39 weeks  due to fatty liver disease. It's very rare, fat can build up in the liver of a mother during-pregnancy, putting both mother and fetus at serious risk. Either may develop liver failure, kidney failure, severe infection, or hemorrhage. 

After nearly 59 days in ICU,  fighting for her life, she is on life support and we are all awaiting a miracle through the wonderful power of prayer. Last night a group of friends and family came together in the church's Chappel to pray. It was a spirit filled evening of Hope and courage. 
This morning I went to visit the girls family for support and some refreshments,when I arrived they were going in to pray for her. I stayed back and prayed outside her room, that's the moment I realized,

Life is so precious
It's such a blessing 
Looking at her through the eyes of her tearful dad was devastating 
Watching her husband love her so deeply and kiss her gently on her head and 
Her mom rub her hand so softly and still hang onto all hope.

Today readers , followers, friends , keep praying with me and never take a moment for granted. 

Love love love each other, 
Love your children, 
Love your spouse, 
Love your mom and dad 

Don't worry about the immaterial "silly" things of life, honestly life is precious and dear.  keep your faith strong x 

My heart is broken for this situation but I stand strong in the belief that our God knows best x 


Sunday, 29 March 2015

SHOOSHOOS Easter giveaway

Happy Easter 

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dear diary day 3, Coming off meds

Dear diary 

Today was day 3 for me. Yesterday went well. Today was a bit more challenging. Yesterday was a in tablet day. Today was a zero tablet day. 
My skin has broken out and my nose is acting as though it had a cold. 
My head is winning the fight and even though I'm dizzy and foggy I can do this. 
Finances are in a sorry state but that too won't break me. 
I've been challenged to a up and coming fitness challenge which might help me too..... That's if I can stand up long enough. 
Thanx for listening 

Sleep tight. 

Mommy for impi challenge Cape Town

Any mommies in Cape Town keen on a fitness challenge of fun, laughter and a day out in the beautiful wineldands, 
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Come on mommies you can do it !!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Dear diary day 1 coming off meds the last stretch

Day 1 
Last year this time I felt ready  to be weaned from my 60mg. I went to see my psychiatrist who advised we wean slowly to half. It took me a month and I was successfully weaned from 60 to 30. The withdrawals were tough, and this lasted about 2 weeks   I felt flush, nauseous and had headaches. I was surrounded by great friends, family and prayer. I kept active drank a lot of water, ate a lot of chewing gum and I made it through the withdrawals.

Yesterday was approximately a year later that I returned to my psychiatrist to begin our next process of weaning. I could of strafed earlier but I didn't feel ready till now. 
We gave a stately in place and we began yesterday. Yesterday was no tablet what so ever. Just my normal multivitamin and omega. 
Because I normally take my 30mg first thing in the morning I could feel a bit if brain friction, nauseous and had a headache by 2pm, but I pushed through and today I have taken one 30mg tablet .

Chat tomorrow,

Sleep tips for tots

Follow http://www.megfaure.com for more sleeping tips 

First Support Group Tea get together

With excitement, the  overcoming mom PND support group is finally getting together this Saturday in Cape Town. Looking forward to meeting all the mommies.
 Months of contact,  support, questions and love, but finally we can put faces to the names x 
If anyone would like to be added to the support group 
Send me an email overcomingmom@gmail.com
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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Adjusting to motherhood

Read a great article by Meg affaire on the adjustment to motherhood :

Play school for me ? NEVER ( for moms birth -2years old)

 I'm a born teacher, I studied pre K. I taught, now why would I be a stay at home mommy and send my beautiful boy to school?Never ever!

But it changed. Just as everyone said it would. 
Mr moo was ready, ready for friends, had better understanding, could communicate, it was time for fun, yes mom, fun.

2015 came and I was so fortunate to find a place at a nearby play school, fortunate yes....
Why fortunate.... Because other moms who didn't think like me , put their kids names on lists at all or most play schools and pre schools and here I was Harry casual about schooling ......
Matthew adores his school, I am blessed with two awesome teachers , who have helped this TEACHER mommy integrate her child into the new BIG STEP. thank you L and B. It's been a wonderful a journey this far.
One mistake I did make was enrol him for 3 days, and as everyone said , soon he will be ready for 5 and this came around sooner than later , now we stuck with 3..... 
But 2 days  at home are awesome too..... Outing days for mommy&bobo..
Next mistake is 2016,2017,2018~What to do then ~So time to jump and get mr moos name down..... And hope and pray for placement somewhere ~

So tips to new mommies or mommies like me, even if unsure, put your little ones name down at a couple of schools for the ages before Primary school, and my tip is for 5 days even if you start at 2/3.

Ps : those who homeschool. Love it too~ Well done to each mommy homeschooler , you are awesome. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

"Socialising by myself "

Call me old school. Call me granny. Call me 'get with the programme' ........ But 

The more we Focus wholeheartedly  on our loved ones,
 be it attention to our husbands, wives,  children, family, friends or colleagues  ..... 
The better the relationships become , kids  behaviour improves , their knowledge, understanding and personal relationship  are established all round  .....

I don't always get it right but, social media  time is when 
I'm by myself (only)
Be it family asleep, Kids at school,Hubby at work ..... 

When they around its time for them ...... Life is too precious 

This article sums up exactly how I feel .......
....recognizing that responding to email or scanning Facebook while your kids are waiting or attempting to get your attention isn’t fair to them and could change the nature of your relationship with your kids if they don’t feel they are as important as the device. “These data are a wake-up call for we parents in that we really need to think about how these enticing devices not only distract us but potentially change who we are as parents,” says Swanson.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The wedding

Please take a  moment to take a look at this link Click here. A beautiful reminder of marriage 

Going to a wedding is so special. It's a reminder of love and commitment and for us mommies it's a reminder of the love before KIDS, before the hustle and bustle and business that surrounds our whirlwind of a day.... 

Recently I attended a beautiful wedding in a beautiful foresty venue. It was so special .....I've never seen a groom so emotional and a bride glowing with love....the groom added a special token , the morning of the wedding by delivering a hand written note with a beautiful bracelet of a bride and groom, together FOREVER.......

Here are a few pictures and sayings that captured the beautiful day ......

The bridesmaid read A passage about marriage advice and she said ....
 She read a passage on marriage where a couple need to know how to ride a tandem bicycle. And thought, how is this even relevant? But as the passage elaborated it said that it doesn’t help if you are 2 people on your own bicycles doing your own thing in a proposed direction. 
You need to be 2 people on the same bicycle working together towards the same end goal. And I really think that rings true with marriage. You both need to ensure that you are working towards steering your marriage in the same direction.

They say that love is a decision, and I know that doesn’t sound very romantic, but if you both wake up each morning and decide that this is the person you are going to love until the end and fight to make it work, there is nothing that can break up that union.

Thank you for this exquisite day S&K, I was honoured to witness your Love..... 
Gods richest blessings on your marriage 

Photos taken by Lauren Pretorius Photography
And Bronwyn Michelle Photography

Loves and hugs , me