Saturday, 25 October 2014


 Love is :-
B eautiful
E xtravagant
S pontaneous
T rue

Busy week with  my Duracell bunny toddlerwho kept me on my toes all week besides the sleeps times. Thank you Lord, he loves his sleeps. 
I've changed my lounge around twice already in order to prevent him climbing any more burglar bars and don't worry mr sad has been overworked too. 
Not just with the climbing but the throwing of absolutely everything you can imagine. 
The potty training is Heading to week 4. So far so good, but lots of hard work.... 
Shuwee I need to do some serious reading, these two teachers  are speechless, but I value the tips, advice and experience of some dearest people in our lives and these principals are slowly being put into action. 
PARENTING AINT FOR SISSIES , teaching and disciplining other kids is way easier.
Having tried to join a friend for tea at a  Nearby wine farm with my energetic angel boy, I felt so 
exhaustededly  embarrassed as to why he wouldn't sit:  drink his baby chino, draw a almost perfect circle with two eyes and a mouth like his peer did that morning, but I was reminded EVERY child is unique and different and created uniquely special in  their own ways....and he is only two ! 

Potty training slowly happened and he took the first steps, not me. I went
 with it. He isn't fond of the nappy and is loving the undies.
(Would love to find these two things )
Every morning takes the nappy off, and dress himself...sob sob where's my baby boy. Anyway and off he goes the day without a nappy with about 3 accidents a week, but that's cause mom is on his tail all the time. I think my middle name is wee poo wee, we've even gotten to , should we go give the flowers some juice...... Ha ha 

Yestersay went off to a doctor for his ecsema appointment with a well known allergologist in Cape Town. Wow we have hope to help our little ecsema sufferer, who this week alone kept us up twice scratching and being so irritable in his own little body of pain. Bless him. 
The doctor confirmed that he is in great healthy shape, a well nourished boy she added, 18kg & 96cm tall... She says we must be reminded that he is 2 years and 5 months and because he is tall and well built we need to be gentle and gracious on ourselves not to run away with milestones. 
After she drummed into my head that ecsema is skin related and  aggregated by sweat, heat and a few other things, we need to treat the skin and try keep his diet as normal as possible, because the only thing he is allergic to is peanuts, so for now it's a special mix and epimax twice a day until we return 
to her in 10 days. So far the improvement is so amazing. 

After finishing my shop off at Dischem with a whopping bill of r888 just for 4 items !!!! I was so exhausted trying to keep my monkey boy in his pram, that two shelf packers, wanted to know why I 
didnt leave him with the nanny. I said ha ha I am the nanny :0) 

I love my boy to bits, but I look forward to 2 x date nights next weekend to celebrate my hubbies bday and his year end function..... Yeh for 7 more sleeps ..... 
On the date night topic. Here's congratulating Jolene Blazic on winning a R200 voucher to the 
gorgeous Buitenverwachting, enjoy x 

One things for sure my Focus is on our great and amazing Father upstairs, his love is indescribable... 
With that in mind ,  I must share the beautiful time I had this morning while  my dearest mommy spent the the morning with Matthew

Here are a few reminders for us Ladies: women of honor
How do we see ourselves ?
Do we honor our husbands r men in our lives?
Do we work hard
Are we wise with money 
Do we have Inner strength 
Are we Kind , Hospitable, Devoted to God 
Are we submissive

Do we Cast all your anxieties onto Him because remember he cares for you 
People struggle with Submission when they on a mission 
Humble ourselves
Wives submit to husband. 

Be Pure. Gentle and quiet in spirit.Beauty fades but Beauty within is gentle and a quiet spirit within us, Free from harshness and violence. Humble at heart Peaceful.  Not anxious. Do not let your heart be troubled or fearful 
Perfect Love casts out all fear 
Our hope in God is our power to submit to our husbands and be accepting of it.
Let's be reminded to Encourage each other. Have grace. Respond. In love, Be gracious in all ways.
Honour push up, rising up, lifting up and respectfulness, dishonor pushing down, disrespectfulness.

Women let's, Stand together, Repent together and Step out of our illegally occupied spaces to let men step in , to take their places to be risen up x 

Reminder of Love for the week. Hugs, me


Friday, 17 October 2014

Tea 4 Two Giveaway Treat ( Cape Town) @BUITENVERWACHTING

When last did you treat a friend to tea and scones or 
go on a well deserved mommy and daddy break or 
even a granny /mommy and daughter break....
Me time, us time, date time, friendship time is Incredibly important and healthy for our Souls :) 

This week I am giving away a R200 voucher to the beautiful : tranquil and exquisite

Coffee Bloc at Buitenverwachting Wine Farm : Constantia 

All you need to do this week ( 17/10 -24/10) is 
let me know who you would love to treat by tagging their name below :) 
And you could win a R200 Voucher 

Have a fabulous Weekend 


Tuesday, 14 October 2014


(Patience is not our ability to wait, but our ability to keep a good attitude while we wait.)

It's been a while since I could sit , take a few sips of coffee and tackle the key board, but mr moo is in dreamland for his day nap, 

  • When things aren't working out as you wish, be patient. Stop trying to move ahead of God. His timing is perfect. Trust Him.
so here goes with all on my mind, not for Pitty or for comfort but for perhaps a tender read to say none of us are alone .... 
So here goes life of patience:  My Dear Diary 
I m so thankful to have The Lord in my life, to appreciate everything I have. Thank you that The Lord can teach us extra patience
The friends I have make life so much easier, the 
understanding of each other's  highs and lows we all experience. The patience for one another .
  • 'A great relationship doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building love until the end.'
Learning patience in so many aspects of love.
I'm so two minded about putting mr moo in school, I cannot 
fathom it just yet. Is it the deep love, the fear of big boyhood,
 the separation, the money or racing time. 
Is it ok to just be. Just hold back the clock and wait. Next year is another year. He will be one year older. Is it ok to just wait. Is it ok to just be patient and enjoy him a little longer?
  • 'What's popular isn't always right. What's right isn't always popular.'
Patiently staying home for a few days to pass time before 
pay day, but making the most of it, spring cleaning and 
reorganizing life a bit, and having the patience to survive on 
what we have for now. 

  • Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Pray. Trust God. Enjoy life. Don't let the little things get you down
Going to the shops on the tightest budget yet and just patiently shopping for the need not the want cause the want is a spoil that can wait..... For now it's sacrifice, sacrifice for the bigger picture. 

patiently listening  to a friend who rocks up at your house for 
tea bearing delicious crunchies and comes to share a story she just watched and tells me the punch line.....
Castaway ( after he was stranded for 4 years on an island) the sun will always rise again and you never know what the tide may bring in .... 
Tomorrow is always fresh and new with no mistakes..... 

some days it's that wee bit harder, wee bit harder to fight back tears of fear, fear that you might not be able to have a 
cuppa tea cause there'll be no milk, or fear that things won't 
work out 
it sometimes is a wee bit harder  to lift that head up and head to swimming lessons, pop into the shops, grab and do what we need to do, be a mom, wife, daughter , friend, cleaner and still smile, even when we feel we can't. 
And you know what we always get by, there is always milk for the tea, there is always enough to get by. I'm so thankful for friends who experience just this and together we make a pact to pick up those feet and keep walking :)

  • When you stop worrying about what you can't control, you have time to change the things you can control.

  • Be thankful for every day. Learn from mistakes. Don't dwell on regrets. Forgive with love. Gain strength from every struggle.
Patiently taking walks in your beautiful city, your suburb and appreciating all the beauty we have been blessed with and it's for free. Because for now your little car needs a day in the garage to rest cause going somewhere with the red light on is not a good idea -even though my guardian angel friends have offered to give it some juice : but for now it's patience 
PAY day is one day closer .... Thank you Lord for my hardworking hubby to provide for the sacrifices we make
  • Sometimes you may face difficulties in life, not because you are doing something wrong but because you are doing something right.

Although many are Banting and dieting and gyming away... I'm keeping head above water, finance in check. House alive And doing the best healthy living I can do for me and that means the weight can patiently wait, wait to shed away....

Patiently knowing that your little one is at the age now where
 consistent discipline is needed. Extra loves & hugs but extra 
energy for consistency to know that: This too shall pass and even though at a party amongst other little ones, he isn't the worst behaved....  Even though at that exact moment you feel like climbing in a hole thinking  he is. 
  • Order your priorities. Put first things first. 'Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.'

Patiently going with the flow of potty training. Mr moo has 
been watching a few peers, so for now it's been two weeks 
of serious Patience. Is it to early. Is it real.... Who knows. 
Let's go with it. Time will tell....

Patiently counting your blessings. Appreciating that at Your birthday you were blessed  with treat vouchers ( to patiently 
wait to use ) and enjoy the wonderful body washes and 
creams that make life that little bit sweeter . 

  • All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.
    - Charlie Brown


* a little blab about whats spinning through this head of mine.And knowing we not alone. 
Bug hugs to you all.....
God Bless 
& keep the faith 
Anyone needs me : email me : 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Stepping out in shooshoos ( giveaway)

Go check out their awesome website :here
When Matthew was a wee little one in his shooshoos :0).  We've always LOVED shooshoos 

Today we lucky enough to giveaway one Boy pair & one Girl pair :0) thank you shooshoos 

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The Shooshoos™ story starts 3 million* pairs of shoes ago, when our little family had a big idea. "Let's get idle hands busy making happy shoes for baby feet."
So we set about teaching people from disadvantaged communities to uplift themselves. We shared skills. We shared stories. Step by step, we got better – at making shoes, friends and a name for ourselves as the best baby shoes for little growing feet.
*and counting - today Shooshoos™ make their way from South Africa to 15 countries around the World.
Back in 1996, quality, comfortable, affordable and stylish shoes for babies and toddlers were few and far between. We've been changing that one pair of piggies at a time and some pretty important folks have been kind enough to recognise the strides we've made. Mothercare International named us a leading leather baby shoe brand and the iParenting Media Awards have awarded us no less than three times. Yes, we're bragging. Right now. But that's enough of that.
No toxic bits, no harmful substances and never, ever, ever (who said never say never?) anything but 100% absolutely, definitely, guaranteed handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa. We pinkie swear on it, the SABS and UK Bureau of Standards stake their reputation on it - and who are we to argue?
Baby feet sweat. It's adorable, but less than hygienic. Shooshoos™ take care of that with cushioned insoles and breathable leathers that keep little soles dry and soft as, well... you know...
It's a fact - growing baby feet are mostly cartilage, the same squidgy stuff that you'll find pointing out of the middle of your face. It's supportive tissue, but still really easy to push around - that's why it's so important for the soles on baby's shoes to be soft and bendy. Every pair of Shooshoos™ to leave our factory are supple-soled enough to give a family of contortionists a run for their money.
Stumble Resistant! Firm but forgiving construction for less tumbles from tip to toe.
No Nasty Stuff! Non-toxic, all-tested and 100% safe.
Famous with Parents! We've won three iParenting Media Awards and have been selected by Mothercare International (550 Stores worldwide) as a leading leather baby shoe brand.
Wiggle Ready! Elasticised ankles help make Shooshoos™ easy to put on and sure to stay on.
Finger Friendly! Buckles, straps and fastenings are soft enough for little digits to fidget with, while laces and lacings are always engineered to avoid tripping little feet up.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

33 BirthdayBows

This past weekend we celebrated my 33rd birthday. 2 of my best gifts by my side 
hubby and my boy headed up the cable car before 8am 
Table mountain such a beauty
We fortunately got there by 8 and wouldn't recommend going much later. It was so beautiful & tranquil on top of the mountain. What a blessing to start my day. 
 What a privilege to be a South African  citizen : free birthday ride with a valid Id and a great special in some of the local newspapers. Return ride R85 valid till 12 October :
Check it out here

10730 pageviews and running less than 6 months. Thank you everyone. What a special few days Ive had with family, friends and to end my special day a, great church gathering  #joshgen ....
With such a great sermon : 
Here's a bit of it in a nutshell 

( Having Friends for life

You need friendships that promotes life
Encouraging each other daily
Sharing life together
A friend loves at all times
Seek life giving relationships
Be friendly
Seek out life giving friendships
A man who has friends must himself be friendly
Proactive and friendly and refreshers others
Reach out to others
Give time to others
Friends who know Jesus
Sometimes it takes a while for the crop to appear but it comes
Get the right sort of people around you
Wise walks with wise
Fools walk with fools
Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise. But the companion of fools will suffer
Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked nor stands in the way of sinners nor sits in the seat of scoffers.
Bad company corrupts good character
You can't be friends with everyone 

Make Jesus your number one friend
Greater love has no one than this that someone lay down his life for his friends.
The thief comes only to steal and  kill and destroy   I came that they may have life and have it abundantly )

I was so super spoilt in both gifts and love, cannot wait to use my treats and have a blessed year ahead living with all I know and my 
King by my side ...... 

Ps how awesome is this for the little tots

Have a super week all of you. Chin up, smiles on and before I go, 
after seeing an amazing women , praising God and wriggling away to the beat of the music in her wheelchair ,  and after seeing this heartwarming picture of joost this past weekend, 

I can only urge all of us to look at all we have, appreciate the big, the small, and live each day the 
best way we can, 

Love, care, cherish and embrace