Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I heart my Love story

Our God is truly an awesome God. Where would I be without Him in my life?

I wish all of you would experience a daily relationship with Jesus the way I do everyday.   
Some-food for thought, Christians aren't perfect but just forgiven. Trust me I'm far from perfect , far from it in deed, everyday is a blessing ...to keep trying. 
God allows a Test to become a wonderful testimony . And today I've decided to share my wonderful STORY  with you. 

I can only share my testimony as it it. Been raised a Christian girl in a Christian home, was a great blessing but only getting to feel Gods spirit in the last couple of years has been a moment in my life that I had to share with you. 
After having Matthew in 2012, I hit my all time low.  Having been through a marriage wobble,
 a fail at trust, security and post traumatic stress! I could only reach out and truly find My 
God. Been surrounded by 
awesome Godly people made this transition so much easier and I thank not only my church, community group , friends, family & Graeme but My amazing Lord Jesus.
I pray everyone one of you find His perfect peace one day, its something everyone needs.

After more than 20+counseling   sessions! visits to
psychiatrists, psychologists and many cups of teas with family and friends, only God and I could help myself.  I was fortunate to have a wonderful Christian psychologist walk with me and guide me carefully. I had to let go and let a God. 
I turned to Him in the middle of the nights and every opportunity since. The road paved for my family and I , only He knew what He was doing. 
I never ever expected to be a stay at home mom or feel the happiness I do, nor did I ever foresee the little house he blessed us with 5 years ago. A little cottage we call "ours", in one of the most beautiful suburbs. 
... One warm summers day early December back in 2012 ,after 
overcoming part of my PND and having taken extra leave from my job, to give myself more time to heal. I decided to go chat to my then Boss and principal of the school. 
 Mr S is a Godly man , he felt I should think of resigning and being a stay at home mommy. Not just a stay at home mom but  a stay at home wife, too. 
He wanted to encourage me to be at home and make my home, a home not just a house. 
I could never see us doing this, living on one salary with rent, food, a toddler, etc...how 
would we survive. Today 19 months later, we are surviving. Yes by the grace of God, my 
amazing family and wonderful caring friends. Every month a new month and everyday a fresh start. I am a far better person, far more relaxed & focused- this time was desperately needed. I still have daily struggles with forgiveness, trust and letting go , but I'm at a far better place. Thank you Lord. I can't imagine it any other way. The peace that God has allowed over my life is indescribable. Having schooled for 12 years, studied for 4, taught for 8 and then become a mom ... 
I needed time, time to reflect.  Time needed to put my little family first. Yes, everyday is a new challenge and life is about continuos faith, effort and Grace. Grace from our great God.  
I am far from perfect but I've learnt and been blessed by knowledge and  surrounded by Godly women who've shared, taught and reflected God in themselves. The peace that surrounds my home is beautiful, it's happiness I'm grateful for. There are many days you fall to your knees in the urge to give up but there are days you fall to your  knees and thank Him for all he provides. 
Today I'm focused on the little things in life. The blessings
 and  the smelling of roses. After reading this awesome blog : http://www.scissortailsilk.com/2014/01/24/before-you-were-mommy/
I had to repost her saying 
 “Ladies, before you were Mommy, you were his. Men, before you were Daddy, you were hers. Remember this. Hold on to this. Keep these words precious to you.”I'm able to Love deeper, care more, breath 
 more and most importantly Pray-Faith-Trust more. God is the centre of our lives. He knows the beginning to the end  and he loves each and everyone of us .....no matter what .Gratitude is a great energizer. The more thankful you are, 
the better you feel. 

To every single one of you , God Bless and extra big hugs , 

        Here's to My all time favourite verse ...