Friday, 4 July 2014

Bright Holiday Away

All unpacked, 2 loads of washing done , a huge cup of coffee and I'm Back
from 8 days away full of sun ! home to pouring rain& lower temps 

but it's good to be back home, thank you Mom&Dad for making it possible:)
..and to gran:Shirley:Andy:Chris:Wayne:Meggan:Graeme+the 3 boys. Thank you for everything
...Holidays away always have mixed emotions. Stay home for comfort with all the Bells&whistles or suck it up and Venture out the comfort zone for a bit ...& see the country
Quick hair cut for Matthew by the wonderful Amanda Penny 0822934037 in
Meadowridge, Cape Town packing and off we ventured to Mosselbay.
 Going away with 6 adults and 3 extra energetic boys in a echoing small
space is some what a noisy business, a few minor fights, tears, and our dearest mom who mommies us :) bless all their souls they all did very well, was so special being with all of them 
The holiday accommodation had 2 apartments & 3 bedrooms - single beds
to sleep so Matthews cot became my single bed, squishy for one, twitchy for two but by night 2 he was in his own bed, thank goodness
the outside lights were extremely bright and the thin blinds made day sleeps challenging and morning rises Early .with added eczema scratching  from different water and food ...
 But we survived and by day 7 we learned to adapt

Venturing out to the Local Afrikaans mall : 
reminds me of just how friendly most Afrikaanse Mense are, hearing a continuous crying toddler reminded me of the one thing I just cannot cope with is a crying baby or toddler sets something off inside of me like I just
want to rescue the situation or walk away from the noise - shopping
done &a visit to great granny in the beautiful groot brak ;) -
Mosselbay, Groot brak and George what beautiful surroundings :) I do ;) ;)
wish there were monkeys for both the cellphone tower and dstv cable.   ( as per the writer in this June You magazine article)

yes I enjoy a phone chat & a viewing of a programming or two but goodness me bring back old school....especially on holiday . One things for sure the
PVR was missed and I got hooked onto Binnelanders Haha kyknet weekdays at 18:30 and early
morning espresso show. Sabc 3 6am weekdays Think it's the most tv I've watched in a while
Appreciating the family, the casual walks and the joy of holidaying has been
such a blessing. Taking the back roads via cows, horses and quiet bird life
added a breath of fresh air to Sedgefield&Knysna for some needed Lunch.
The road back allowed us to view of the map of Africa 
Making Matthew's Days was a nearby construction site Boys will be Boys :
graders, tractors , sand stone and wheelbarrows :)

One of his extra special moments was going down to see the daily train
( tjoetjoe) with daddy
The weather was some what confusing
Far from a winter holiday but we still enjoyed the indoor warm pools at Hartenbos , Matthew especially :) Mommy failing to forget a nappy for after the swim was a bit embarrassing as popping into the local Spar with no nappy on and 3 huge puddles later - mmmm not so ayoba;)
The cherry on top was hearing that my dearest friend gave birth to a sweet little boy Carter. Congrats Des&Rose x Welcome precious Carter Buchanan
Sutherland. So happy for you all. He is absolutely perfect.

after a view to the point caves, and ending our holiday with a homemade curry, a waffle to share, a splash in the sea & a walk on the sand , we hit the
long road home.....


Extra big
Thank you to my wonderful husband for all your help, and spoils this holiday, what a blessing having you around us, watching Matthew bond with you, ouma&oupa was priceless
Keep warm, safe
Tomorrow I look forward to a special friends 30th birthday at a gorgeous wine farm near Stellenbosch
Was hoping to wear my new found treat : the comfiest shoes at Woolies
But coats and boots it will be &come rain or shine well make the most of it,
chat soon, with awesome competitions ahead,
But for now
Take a look at a fellow PND over-comers awesome kiddie range. Well done mmmxxx