Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Learning to dance in the rain

Overcoming PND and resigning from my job thereafter ....... Made me stop and rethink life ....

After leaving teaching and being a 'free' lady of leisure ha ha , I looked back and realized just how hard we teachers and even other occupations work.

We put so much energy into our jobs that we forget to stop and smell the roses, look around appreciate life and enjoy the little things around us. No one is indispensable, and one day when we retire it isn't the job that carries us through but rather those loved ones near and far. 

I absolutely loved hearing this talk by the CEO of coca cola, ..........

After being at home and de stressing from the last 13 years of work and studying,. 
I became more patient, I become more aware of the wonderful life ,opportunities and learnt to appreciate our friends and family more.  I learnt to breath again. 

I learnt to stop ! Yes we all need to work and earn a living , but we must remind ourselves to appreciate the blessings we've got around us, and spend quality time with them. Don't think for one minute My family or I are perfect , we far from it , I've just learnt to listen , put God as my centre and be more appreciative of what life has to offer us.

Treat ourselves , be it something big or small or be it a little coffee out at the nearest book shop 
( exactly where I am now, while the little man is at home sleeping )  we all deserve some time out , now and again, to recharge our batteries. 
Never stop dating your husband or wife and never take either for granted. 

Who ever said marriage was easy.... Ha ha it takes lots of hard work, time, effort and praise. Let us love another through thick and thin. Learn each other's love languages. Watch Fireproof, date, care and fight together for all you committed too.
   Let our kids be kids, rules are rules, but let the small, minor ones, be broken sometimes. They only 
little for a short while. 

For those of us whom still have our patents or grandparents still around , Thank them and look after them , after all, while life goes on in our daily lives, they too are getting older. 

Life is very precious and very short. 

Sweet dreams