Tuesday, 10 June 2014

When the clouds lift

Going to sleep without any outdoor exercise, very little money in the bank , wet washing hanging around your house and a hubby who is busy at work late all week , 

you tend to wake with stiff  muscles, slight blues & a pounding headache ...

But lifting the fog is possible ..... Counting the blessings .... Of today ...

I am blessed to run a 1/2 day playgroup with the dearest little boys who fill my heart with extra love . @Kimmies&tots

beautiful garden of flowers and home grown tomatoes 

The sun is shining through the clouds to allow a bit if that damp washing to go out 
My father who called to say he has booked a weeks holiday away for the family, bonus is I get to see my dearest gran , whom I miss so much . 

A friend who called for coffee and another who dropped off dinner 
Most precious of all a God I can pray to talk to , and thank for all the blessings he had provided. 
Keep those winter spirits High dear Ones and go and count your blessings too

Hugs & Gods richest blessings