Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy new year : Warwick Wine Farm : Family Picnic Giveaway


Happy New year 
Last month, My husband , son and I had the privilege of experiencing a delightful, peaceful, beautiful & yummy picnic at Warwick Wine Farm near Stellenbosch in Cape Town .
The service was tops, the safari wine tour was 

informative, the food delicious, the drinks extra cold - extra perfect on a warm summers day - the playgrounds & beautiful surrounds just breathtaking& peaceful *

Definitely my top picnic spot.

 Children are safe, can run & climb and even get to cool down in the water fountains & little pool. 
Mom & Dad get to be served while relaxing which is key for all of us deserving parents :)
Today Overcoming mom is giving away a
a wine tasting, safari tour, gourmet picnic for two and two children.  Valid  January to April 2015, all beverages as well as gratuity is excluded.


All you need to do is share this giveaway on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook & like the Warwick wine farm Facebook page
Let me know where you've shared & if you've liked their page 

Competition closes Sunday night : 4 January : midnight 

Here's to a wonderful 2015 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Transport in our 3rd World Cape Town

After returning home by AEROPLANE , settling into the Festive season and doing my annual babysitting stunt at our local hotels...
Today was family day out with a difference on TRAIN : the TJOE TJOE
we parked at our nearby station
Paid a return ticket : Cape Town return of R21 each ( M :free)
After missing the first train with closing doors on us, due to a little impatient train driver,
We caught the next one 20 minutes later

Mr m loved the trip
He was in his element, not too sure at first but it grew on him more and more.
I'm rather a neat clean freak. So armed with my dettol wipes and hand sanitizer: I sprayed and wiped many times, but on a whole , I was very impressed.....
Arriving into the City Centre itself was a pleasure, clean , airconed and modern.

We walked across to the civic centre in the hope to catch the Myciti bus to The Gardens or surrounding areas, but with the ridiculous card payment, then per 0,5km payment we decided to grab a milkshake at the local McDonald's in Adderly street and head back home....
With a very chuffed little boy, fairly we'll run train service and happy Local & foreign tourists on board......

We can call that a successful little HOLIDAY trip...

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Wishing my fellow Followers a Very Happy Blessed Chritmas. 
Have a wonderful day tomorrow with all your loved ones 
Cherish those, savour the moments and remember  the reason 
For this special day. 

Happy birthday Baby Jesus 
Merry Christmas 
Love Me 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Flying away on Holiday

After an exceptionally amazing holiday away in the most beautiful house, tranquil scenery and hospitable hosts, called friends ~ one can only be thankful for such a opportunity to relax & catch up x very sad to say goodbye and only see R,D &  little baby C *when he probably will be walking:( *
But hopefully these visits will be sooner than later 

I was very anxious about our flights, what to pack and about our busy boy, 
But it went far far better than expected and one things for sure kiddies are way more adaptable than we think.Trying to remember how it was flying just the TWO of us. Or at one stage me and a bump. And at another stage us and a sitting 6 month and then at our more recent memory a crawling 11 month. All these times went rather well. Worry gets you nowhere;) 

This trip was made super easy on foot with the amazing practical easy fun Trunki .   It was honestly the best thing for Matthew  for getting around the airport and knowing where he was all of the time. 
Other than the airline over charging us for overweight baggage which in a nut shell should of been split into 3 bags instead of two. We eventually got over the shock.  
But in the tiny plane with a few googly eye looking passengers who have obviously never been in the presence of little ones.We were totally over packed for the plane two bags were far too much. 
The iPad :the pack of sticky window stickers & one lollipop were just fine. 
I honestly think they need a business plane. Small and sweet and 
a family plane. Big and wide  
Thank you TrunkiSa for honestly making our trip smooth fun practical 
Blessed with a beautiful holiday ,with exceptionally friendly& helpful  Durbanites all round, wish I could of taken the warm sea, the gorgeous home, the stunning friends, the cute baby, and awesome doggies with us & hubby would add : the cheaper golf. The yummiest smoothie out at Gloria Jeans 
But home to our beautiful City, our blessed home & special friends&family X hopefully can carry on with the loads of water I drank daily thanx to the humidity x 
For flying Take 
1 hand luggage for all in Trunki
A iPad/tablet with kiddies favourite apps
Dress comfy
1 big bottle for sucking
Sticky stickers for back of chair or windows 
For holiday 
Less clothes 
Less toys : one new toy & rest favourites
Less books more downloads
Large bottle powder to remove sand : works so well
Less is more : we took far too much 

on the extra note: 
I was so impressed with these bottles and formula containers. Great concept 
Closer to Nature Milk Powder Dispensers fit neatly inside Closer to Nature 260ml bottles for 
convenient mixing and feeding any time.
Pack a greater variety of medicine than you think you would need. 
Put loads more sunblock.
Pack far less bags and far less clothes and farm less extras. There are shops everywhere. 
Very thankful for Gemchem Sparkle Products for removing some unwanted kiddie stains while on holiday : shu Breath 
Loved the peace of mind these cameras brought especially in a large house.

Save way more than you think : holidays are pricey but such a blessing 
Keep the routine, relax , and everyone will enjoy 

Happy holidays 
Please remember the reason for the Season : CHRISTmas

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Happy Holiday Sticky Giveaway

Happy Holidays !!! Congrats to Rozanne Sutherland on winning the Tidy Tot giveaway

If you'd like to Win with Overcoming Mom & Sticky Fudge 

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Sign up for the Sticky Fudge newsletter

And you could win a R500 Sticky Fudge Online Voucher

2 simple steps and you done
All the best
Competition closes on Friday 19 December @ Noon 
Chat soon

Ps : thank you Trunki Travels for making our holiday travels so exciting, safe, fun, and practical.
Matthew loved his TrunkisaurusRex to Durbs