Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dinner parties

As we attended a dinner party last night with a lovely family I use to au pair for I found it so wonderfully rewarding to see just how amazing these boys have turned out. Good sound values, manners, respect, dignity, respect and fun makes such a great well rounded family.

Jason was once two when I looked after him and last night he paid his time back  and looked after my two year old. How awesome was this, some time out for mom&dad.

With a glass of red and home cooked meal we chatted about various things, but one thing that came to topic was PND.

 I was reminded just how real and how many people out there have it.  Some people they knew had it and for them it was hard to diagnose and the one particular friend only got help a year later. My heart breaks for that poor girl.
I hope that many out there would be able to talk to someone and get help as soon as possible , this is some thing you wouldn't wish on anybody.up to 30% of all new mothers, in all cultures and circumstances, develop Postnatal Depression during the first year after the birth of a baby

If there us anyone out there who feels they have any if these signs or know of anyone with these signs please feel free to entail me and I will put you in touch with help straight away x
  • sad and low
  • tearful for no apparent reason
  • worthless
  • hopeless about the future
  • tired
  • unable to cope
  • irritable and angry
  • guilty
  • hostile or indifferent to your husband or partner
  • hostile or indifferent to your baby.
  • lose concentration
  • have disturbed sleep
  • find it hard to sleep – even when you have the opportunity
  • have a reduced appetite
  • lack interest in sex
  • have thoughts about death

Hugs and love on this crispy cold day