Saturday, 31 May 2014

Joys of cleaning

Broom , vacuum , mop -3 things I continuously use. 
Having a two year old toddler around , means one busy messy house. 
 Sometimes clearing, sorting and packing away is somewhat therapeutic and for the A-type in me it means organization And peace of mind..... 
But shu this job is a 24-7 job , especially with a nanny just once a week! Oh ya for sure I'm blessed even to have her once a week , but by 5pm that very day , things are all over the place..... aGain ,

But a messy busy home means a learning happy home , making memories. There's always 7pm and day tine sleeps to resort and clean . And then start again ...... 

This mommy and daddy are off to a Ouma &Oupa for the night...... One less thing to pick up ..... Yeh