Monday, 12 May 2014

The day he was born

Having been through a miscarriage just 2 years prior, we finally started to try again, with the fear still within us. I had a fairly good pregnancy par the few emotional moments..a hard working teacher husband .. 4 months of morning sickness and teaching amongst 31 little 7 year olds.... I was grateful to carry to full term and await the arrival of our baby. 

My husband and I were so excited to meet our little boy . We knew we were expecting a little boy but had not yet named him. We were booked in for a Caesarian section  for 2 pm on Wednesday 23 may 2012.


At 14:59 our little boy Matthew Brian Ingpen weighing 3,95kg and 51cm was born. 

We both were delighted to welcome him and took to the parenting rolls really well. I felt a little uneasy when they placed him on my chest but perhaps that's because I was still rather numb from the operation. We tried to instill the 4 hourly feeds by bottle, and he took rather well to this. The nursing staff were so helpful and made the beginning of parenthood welcoming xxx 2 of my most favorite photos less than one hour old

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