Tuesday, 20 May 2014

12 weeks later ......Stronger & stronger

As I started to feel stronger, so I started to train myself again. Housework, cooking, cleaning and looking after myself and family. I started to bond more and more with Matthew. I bonded before but as a job not as a mommy with love.

There were still days where the little grey cloud came looming over my head but for now , things were getting better.
I was due back to work , a Grade two teacher. I couldn't face that. I struggled with change as it is , now to go and change again. I wasn't sure how I would do this. I prayed to God and put my faith and trust in Him.

I chatted to my family, my headmaster and to my hubby and we all stood together in the decision that I were to resign and focus my energy on my husband and child and spend the year with him. How we would financially survive , time would tell. The faith in God to provide. 

Everyday just got better and better, and I started to feel more and more normal. I joined a local church , the Joshua Generation church aswell as the weekly moms group held there. 

We decided to pack up bit by bit and head home as a family.

My inlaws were incredible. Their love and support , help back home was amazing and helped  make settling back in , that much easier .