Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Looking back : 2 years ago

Looking back at this last two years , I can honestly say. I do not know where they have gone. One things for sure I never knew what the love was until I had our little boy. Ofcourse I love my husband friends and family and most of all our wonderful creator :) but this love is baby love. I've grown in love. Meeting Matthew the first time was odd, it was like meeting a complete stranger and forced to love them , but thankful I fell in love and wow what a wonderful road it has become.  Thinking back today of some wonderful friends who can't fall pregnant , and I am so thankful. Have I forgotten my miscarriage , no I don't think anyone ever will, it's a little someone who was in you and then disappeared, but I trust God had better plans and the same applies to these special people. Not for one minute do I take what I have for granted. I often stop think about their hearts and say a quiet prayer for them. 


Matthew turned two this past a Friday and wow what joy delight and excitement he has brought us. Looking back on the way we started out to where we are today. : THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF  THE TUNNEL. Life gets better step by step. Day by day .
I would never have seen this in the first 9 weeks but it's true what everyone says. It does get better and better.

I put together a little video on Matthew's last year, and wow was this emotional and very tough to watch. I felt so saddened at how quickly he has grown and developed. He is no longer a little baby, he is now a toddler. I do feel excited to venture into his third year with him....

a few pics of the Barney Party we had in our nearby park. Celebrated with wonderful friends and a 


 In the next couple of days. I will be posting a few pics, qoutes and events that brought us together in the past 2 years ......