Thursday, 29 May 2014

Money money money

I know I said I would post a few pics of the past months, but instead I've put that on hold for later .

Wow money has become something worth counting, goodness me, it feels like we counting every Penney these days and continuously driving in the red. 

BUT,  God is good and we will get by. I won't ever get this time back with my little one and for now it's scraping the barrel and  counting on daddy for the bread. 

Recently the 3 of us have been blessed so, the odd bunch of flowers, some blessed cash, a meal , a container of homemade rusks. A few liters of petrol. And this week a envelope of money for my hairdo. The joys of sacrificing to be home with your boy ....... But so blessed by the wonderful people around us. I wish I could do more. 

You know when your hair gets so bad , you just have to get it done., thank you Jeanine in Kirstenhof , for a fabulous job x 
Getting a babysitter , having a hot cup of coffee and not to mention that amazing head massage, now that's what I call a treat xxx