Tuesday, 20 May 2014

one day at a time 2012-2014

Being back home I was able to move over from a wonderful church campus to the nearby one , the Joshua a Generation church constantiaberg , currently Wynberg  and get fantastic support and love from them. I regrouped with a few moms groups and joined a swimming and music class for Matthew. 

Being busy and having my days ahead planned , definitely helped. Keeping busy is key but too busy is not good. 

Two valuable saying s : one day at a time & one activity per day. 

Matthew is a very routined baby and since  he began eating solids he started to sleep  so much better during the day and night. Routine is good for both him and I. 

Reading the wonderful book. Power of the praying wife,mother and women showed me ways to uplift my husband and ways to be a better mother and wife. It's inspirational pages made a good read. 

I missed not returning to teaching but with the after school activities, marking, preparation and admin involved in being a teacher. I think being a mom and wife is my number job for now, I completely admire the mother and fathers that are teachers out there. It is no 9-1 or 9-3 job. It is a 5/6 day week job 9-5 with marking 5 days a week. Well at least with these two teachers that is :) 

Today 20 may 2014 , nearly two years later I write this blog with sheer joy and excitement. ...

I am an overcoming mom. 
I beat post natal depression.
 There are definitely still days where I need to pick myself up and say come on girl you can do this. 
I have seen dr du Toit again and am successfully on half my medication. So one year on 60mg and now 30mg. 
Everyday is a new day, it's a blessing and I am so thankful for overcoming it, for the support the love.  And the blessing of knowing our amazing Lord.