Monday, 19 May 2014

So the PND journey begins

And so the Post Natal Depression Road begins  : part -1 

Going home for a  night or two ... Not so easy .....Make it 11 weeks , yes 11 weeks. 
Everyday seemed to get worse and worse. I couldn't get out of bed, I wasn't interested in showering, eating, talking to people, nor did I want to be with Matthew. However I did my job and a job it was. Feed and sleep. 

.?My poor family what they went through with me, was indescribable. Snap out of it Kim, come on Kim! Pull yourself together. It's life. This is life. This is normal. Many women have been through this. Look how blessed your are. Are you looking for attention. Are you struggling to adapt?....??

These were the daily questions and sayings but no I couldn't just snap out of it.  I called my gynae, she was very worried and sincere, as she had lost a patient once to PND. She immediately gave me a script for Zoloft. A common anti depressant and sent me straight to a psychiatrist who diagnosed it with PND. I was told to stay with my folks and give the medicine time to work ... To work .... Not an overnight fix .... I wished