Monday, 19 May 2014

Taking a newborn home

Taking him home ....

It was a Saturday afternoon , raining outside and the temperature rather chilly. My wound was rather tender. We dressed our little darling super snug. Dressed in grannies finest knits, off we headed home.  I felt so delighted to be going home, to our little house. 
 We arrived to a warm welcome by granny and grandpa. Welcome home banners were hanging and the fridge well stocked :) x it felt a little strange having a new little person with us. Just 4 days ago we were just us, Graeme and Kim. For the past 12 years it had just been Graeme and Kim. Now there were 3 Graeme Kim and Matthew.
The first few days and nights went fine. The normal cries, screams, poops and nappy changes. I think I totally overdid it though. I got up during the nights, woke up in the mornings, showered , got dressed and tried to be what I use to be. By this I mean, awake in the day asleep at night. I wanted to be a mom but I also wanted to be normal. Normal? Can one be normal with a 5 day old baby. ;)