Sunday, 20 July 2014

Back to school

Being married to a teacher, definitely has it's perks, one perk is being able to share holidays as a family, together. Some schools return BACK TO SCHOOL today. What a super holiday we had. Thank you, Graeme for devoting extra time to us and being a wonderful father to Matthew.

"Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future."- Mr Nelson Mandela 
All the best for the new term to both parents and teachers a like .....
Make reading to your child an important part of your day
 I asked a few experienced teachers for some tips : 
       From teachers to parents.
 1. Parents are the primary educators. Parents see children from the day they are born and see them into adulthood while teachers, as much as we love the children in our class, only have them for 200 days of a year for 5-7 hours.
Parents, who are a continual presence (hopefully) are far more influence over children's 
moral compass, manners, use of language (good and bad). Even though children come in 'different packages' one can tell children learn from what they observe at home, not what they are told. 
2. Education is a partnership between the teacher and parents who both have the child's best interests at heart. Be involved and interested. Listen to your child. Support the teacher. Communicate. Do not assume the teacher is palming off responsibility because she really believes your child may benefit from Speech, Auditory Language or processing lessons, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy. It is the teacher's responsibility to let you, the parents, know if your child will benefit from intervention. It does not mean your child is 'not clever'. It means they have an opportunity to acquire the skills they need in order to reach their potential. 
3. Children come in different 'packages'. Some are tall, short, loud, reserved, gregarious..... 
Celebrate who your child is. Not every child can be 'Top of the Pops'. However, with the help 
of the teacher and parents, every child can be happy and a happy child will learn, even at 
their own pace. Some children flourish in Senior Phase. Some children struggle with academics and benefit from more time in a Grade. However, most children become 
successful adults in the career of their choice. There is space for everyone.
 4. Spend 5 minutes, just 5, putting your child on your lap. Cuddle them, hold them, tell them all the things about them that make them so precious and special to you. Tell them you are 
so glad they are your child and that it is them that you fetch at the end of the day. Tell them 
how much you love them. Fill their emotional tanks. This will foster a feeling of confidence 
and security and will prevent negative attention seeking tactics at school.
 set a good structure and consistent routine at home for your children. It will be tough at times, but if 
you persevere you will see the positive impact it will have on the whole family. Remember to spend 
quality time rather than quantity time with your children. 20min of uninterrupted interaction is better 
than 3 hours of taking them somewhere to keep themselves busy. 
# 1 - get kids to bed early / on time 
# 2  - get bags / books packed before bed ( and label ALL items)
# 3  - make sure kiddies have a good breakfast and a healthy packed lunch, with lots of snacks if they do after school activities
# 4  -  in the afternoons, go through their timetable and check that they have done all their homework
# 5  - have a calendar on the fridge and write down all sports / school meetings etc - where kids can see it and add to it
# 6  - keep a stationery drawer at home with pencils, glue etc incase they run out
# 7 -  should something emotional happen at home, pop the teacher a note, just to make them aware (same goes for homework issues) 
# 8 -  make sure all your contact details are written down where your kiddie can get them should they need to
# 9 - leave your kiddie notes in their pencil bags / lunch boxes to remind them how much 
you love them
# 10 - remember that teachers are human too, we have feelings and make mistakes, never 
bad mouth a teacher in front of your kiddies.
5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting is in Crisis 

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Wishing you all a wonderful term ahead, 
God Bless,