Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Luv-hate of Technology

My luv hate relationship to social media started when life went from simple to complicated.
From close to far, from real to fake, from attention to distraction.
When life became to busy for a real person chat 
When a mobile device, computer or tablet became god. 
DrMichaelMol: Addiction to mobile electronic devices impairs multitasking, lowers performance & increases cognitive overload  #productivity
: No more "I don't have time" excuses! You are in control of every hour of your day. Make them count  #productivity
: Addiction to mobile electronic devices impairs multitasking, lowers performance & increases cognitive overload  #productivity
What an ideal world no phones, no iPads, no twitter, facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, to name just a few .
Yes boring you might say.
 Real I might say.
Don't get me wrong I enjoy the daily scoop of my facebook & instagram 'friends', I enjoy the odd pin 
& tweet, but one things for sure I've learnt the hard way, put down that device & take in the surroundings. We are all guilty of this and Often have to remind myself.
 Having had technology effect my immediate family in a tough way, I've learnt the hard way.
I'm often at my nearby park. I tend to leave my phone behind unless I feel like snapping a quick few pics of my gorgeous boy. When at the park or even driving past. I so often see nanny dates or mommy dates and so many of them are on their phones : breaks my heart.

Growing up we had to call our friend for play dates, build forts in the nearby fields, climb walls onto roofs, ride bikes, build Lego and yes I'm not from the dinosaur days , we did watch tv & boy was it 
great , but we had our limits.

We grew up riding our bicycles up and down the roads, played school school, housey housey and dress up. Our imaginations and our gross & fine mirror skills were developed incidentally. We hardly ever heard of friends needing occupational therapy, speech therapy or physio. 

Yes but tv can be an awesome babysitter but limit it.
iPads - the moving with the times, but let's not rush it, or at least prevent the addiction for a little longer.
Limit social media, appreciate the real ness of your dearests
Marriages and family bonds were hyperthetically speaking, stronger and better communication skills were developed.
Fewer distractions and quality time was far greater. Board games, tv comedies and early to bed.

Yes, I love seeing my cousins, and friends from a far, I love the fact that I can SMS my best friends for tea and have my mommy check up on me, but I'm also grateful that I'm able to switch off my phone &go kick ball, climb trees, visit parks and explore as a family disconnected from the great world.
Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Take the moment you have and make it perfect.

Take a moment to watch  This Video Make sure you  watch it from beginning to end.

  • who really knows me. 
  • Do I look into their eyes  or a name on the screen. 
  • We open our computers and shut our doors. A community of illusion. A sense of inclusion but possibly exclusion. 
  • We share our best bits but leave out the emotion.  
  • We pretend not to notice the social isolation. 
  • We don't even know if anyone is listening. 
  • So when in public and you start to feel alone put your hands behind your head and step away from the phone. 
  • Talk to one another. We becoming unsocial. 
  • Look into someone's eyes. 
  • When I was a child I grew up never at home, always on my bike, building own clubhouses high in the trees. 
  • We a generation of  idiots, smart phones and dumb people .. So look up from your phone, take a look at  Your surroundings, make the most of today. Be there in the moment. 
  • Dont be too busy looking down, you won't see the chances you've missed. 
  • Don't waste your life getting caught in the nets, as when the end comes, it's worse than regrets. 
  • We all guilty of being part of this machine, where we talk as we type and read as we chat and spend hours together without making eye contact 
  • Disconnect from the need to be heard and defined. 
  • Go into the world and leave your distraction behind.... Go live your life the real way 

                       Xxx hugs