Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Joys of Kids@the V&A

A visit to the wonderful Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, can only be a successful outing, for both young and old.

Grab a take away coffee @vida E
Shop 6100
Cape Town
(T): 021 425 9440
Monday-Saturday 08h00-21h00
Sundays & public holidays 08h00-21h00

take a stroll towards the clock tower . Passing the famous Table Mountain frame.  Grab a quick selfie The 2.8m tall by 4m wide yellow frame produced by local artist Porky Hefer, is a permanent interactive artwork and is part of the Table Mountain N7W legacy project. It provides visitors with the perfect vantage point for taking a picture of themselves, friends and family with Table Mountain, as a spectacular backdrop.
The frame is located close to the Den Anker restaurant
 venture across the draw bridge ..... Heading towards the Clock Tower for some reminiscing ofyour favourite childhood toys 
Travelogue Of Toys in the Clock Tower 


Every toy tells a story and rekindles a memory. By bringing vintage toys together on public display, they hope to trigger ‘remembery’, spreading delight and joy to all.
They have a collection of over 1000 mostly vintage toys that move or speak or twinkle and shine - toys that conjure memories of childhood and fantasy and delight.
Verna Jooste is an artist and teacher who has created work and participated in close to 40 exhibitions 
all over South Africa and abroad. She has been collecting vintage toys of all description for the past 
25 years. 

Jane Kennedy is a television director who has been in media since leaving University in 1980. The toy bug bit her when she met Verna in 2005 - in fact, they were 'introduced' by a singing pig - but that's a story for another time. 

They love toys because of the laughter and joy they bring into their lives. And they want to spread that far and wide. They have dreams of creating the best most fantastic interactive 
toy/play/child/family space imaginable and this is the start. Come and play. 

Get Involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out:

Share our project link - with your network.
Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or anyway you can – and tell us about your special toys – hey, donate that collection in the attic to the family.
• | @TravelogueToys

On your way back you will pass Life Size Chess perfect for all ages, situated near a large canon, perfect for little boys to climb on.

Situated outside the Sea Rescue shop is A R5 ride on the Sea Rescue dinky boat or kiddie helicopter  or even a stop before that is a pat of the wired-beaded ,wooden buffalo, crocodile /elephant.....

A fantastic play at The Kids Ahoy play park, perfect for kids 2-10 years old. There is a park situated just in front of Tribakery ( Clock Tower Side ) and another park situated in front of the big wheel near the Takeaway area.  
An added bonus for holiday time is the great section of Art Jamming , situated opposite Kauai, perfect for kids 6+ years....

That's it for now ...... Happy Waterfronting for  those in Cape Town.

Hugs&love Xxx.