Thursday, 31 July 2014

New chapter My boy

 I didn't think my heart would pain that much,after a friend messaged to say she thinks she's miscarrying ~ Am I losing it Kimmie?
Goodness did I well up or what? Turns out it was a miscarriage ~God has our lives planned in His  perfect hands. Tough to hear or understand , thinking of my dearest, all will go fine.

Life hands us daily, bits and bops and we need to take it in our stride.
My stride at the movement is a transition phase, of possible potty training, big boy bed and with that comes the avoidance of day sleeps.
Help help help!!!
One thing I've learnt is every child is different. What works for one, won't necessarily work for another. For now its baby steps. Firstly his bed training, as we have no choice with a broken cot, with that comes the reinforcement of day sleeps. Potty training can wait for summer & seeing as he is a boy, only 26 months. Perhaps by then he will be happier to be nappy free.

Today was re coop day after the day we had yesterday.
Matthew and his friends have been involved in my husbands school fashion show. Sponsored by 
Naartjie. How cute do they look. The little angel girls did so well, as for our dear heart, I think the lights, music, hundreds of faces, staring at him was just too much# tears on stage #not cool -bless his little heart. I must say being back stage sure did show a greater aspect to all the backstage efforts. 
Wow. Months of prep, hard work and effort has gone into a fabulous show. Well done to all involved xxx#Kirstenhof Primary School.

The morning started off with a crayon splash. Matthew and his little friend decided to sprinkle the 
pool with a set of keys and a mix of crayons : colorful: yikes. It's not the first or second thing to land in the pool, actually the 100th. Pool nets mmmmmm.

Matthew and I then headed to the beautiful Greenpoint park for lots of fun in the sun. It was such a beautiful day. 

On the way to the park, while driving, Matthew decides to wind down the window and throw my pink glasses case out ( no chance to stop smack) but he sure did get a good reprimanding. I'm just so thankful my prescription glasses weren't in there.
Anyway after a great time at the park, no afternoon nap, it was bath time. Just before his bath I put the tumble dryer on for  a quick tumble of some cold, clothes. When going to check on the clothes, I came to find a empty tumble dryer, his intent to help me was appreciated but um ya. Anyway while bathing, I decided to quickly tidy the kitchen, before heading out to the fashion show. He suddenly started to cry ( which is very rare ) he had managed to get a Pump water bottle lid stuck in his mouth sideways. Oh dear. After a  late night out at the show, late night to bed.... I switched on his CD player ( which we do every night for bedtime ) only to find the cd was out and a few small toys are lying in it's place :) 

I'm only to grateful for a stay at home day, catch up washing day and thankful to count our endless blessings.....
Todays bed sargo went a lot better. Lots of carrying back to bed, but we getting there..... 

Sweet dreams & 

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