Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Love till the end ~ faith

Recently I wrote an article called My mommy heart is broken   
 It was about a dear girl named Lucy. Today was Lucy Faith's celebration of life along with her dear little girl Alexis's memorial. It was a beautiful service. The church was full of loved ones, beautiful bouquets, 2 burning candles, a framed picture of little Alexis's hand and foot prints, a painted picture of her baby A and Jesus
and a beautiful blown up photograph of dearest Lucy.

Lucy had many special friends and family members, a few beautiful eulogys were read and Lucy's exceptionally faithful mom spoke so inspirationally about their dear daughter.  

A wise sermon was shared about how ready and faithful Lucy was and the mentioning of just how short our time on earth is.  It was mentioned how our birthdate is unknown , so is our death date , but in actual fact that dash between our birth to death date is so short, just as our life is on earth, and it was encouraged for us to seek our hearts ~
The service was ended by prayer, but before that ~ 
Lucy's hubby played a tribute song to hear, a song written and played by him on their wedding day, what a brave and courageous man he is and those vows he once made to Lucy stood strong to the bitter end, in sickness and in health   Till death do us part. 
Lucy was a blessed girl with so much love from her friends & family & today we heard just how bubbly, enthusiastic, faithful, caring, kind , gentle & special she was to many. 
Memorials are often the places that remind us just how short life actually is and how we should value each and every person and never take a day or moment for granted. 
Love our loved ones, give those blessings called children extra hugs and kisses 
Live life to the fullest .
Rest in peace dear Lucy 
Until we meet again