Saturday, 25 April 2015

One person who does the work of twenty. For free : muhther

My daddy came back yesterday after 5 long days, away.
 Mommy is so grateful he isn't away often.  The extra Hands are so helpful. 

Mommy tried hard and so did little monkey boy, but fetching day was one whirlwind of note. 

  • Mommy woke up , showered. Dressed me and nanny came to look after me as Tuesdays I don't go to school
  • Mommy raced to our nearest mall and walked to fast, she felt like she had done some serious exercise 
  • She went from shop to shop to get my ecsema mix 
  • Special dinner for dad and a welcome home balloon 
  • She was home within an hour , cleaned the whole house 
  • And even put out some pretty pink roses to add that extra sparkle to welcome daddy home. 
  • While mommy was cleaning I accidentally popped the welcome Home balloon which didn't make mommy to happy but. I said sorry and asked for a new one for Daddy. Cause I said it would make him happy and I promised not to the pop the next one. Nanny offered to pay for the new one. 
  • Once the house was tidy. Mommy made daddy A special dish for dinner some yummy butter Chicken , while mommy was busy 
  • I found a pairOf scissors and cut a rose off the beautiful new bunch Yikes. Oopsie : but at least it made another little vase pretty
  • I went to play outdoors and while outdoors I needed To poo , ( I am learning to go without nappies ) I landed up Eating 2 squishes that mommy got on special at clicks And hence my tummy wasn't happy so I landed making 5 sloppy piles in the garden. So mommy quickly wiped me down and dressed  Me for swimming which was soon soon. 
  • Before that she ran to get the hose pipe and some dettol but when she Got to the tap the link had snapped off so she hurried to the otherside Of the house to get the other link and managed to clean up my piles. 
  • Off we went to swimming and back home I showered.  Go dressed. And while I watched some Telly nanny watched me again while mommy Hurried back to the balloon shop. 
  • When mommy got back she was exhausted from rushing , vacuuming Mopping, washing , cooking, sparkling the house, my swimming and then I dropped my popcorn everywhere so she quickly used the broom and Pan to ' skoppie' it up. (I did help her though ) 
Off we went via the airport to drop off a baby seat for my Friend from Durban but mommy took jan smuts. Instead of borchards quarry what a detour. Oops But finally we found then dropped it off and headed to the airport. Via 2 black cows crossing the road. Yikes e doodle. 

Eventually we got to the airport but mommy missed the turning to parkade 3
 and had to go around again. 

Finally we were at the airport and mommy had to entertain me A short while as I didn't quite understand why daddy's school were Taking so long. 

Off we went home but first mommy had to do go do some work helping A little girl with her homework for an hour and I went home With daddy. When mommy got home we had dinner bath 
And we all went to bed early 
( except for daddy that is ) and we slept like a log.

Some added bonus to our next days journey 
Was mommy juggling money and shopping and planning my Party and her work and blog and then she took me For a picnic in the forest and while in the forest mommy had to change 
My poo so  after our forest walk mommy put me in my seat and closed the door went to throw my happy away and click the car locked and mommy Realized the keys were in the car. Luckily I'm old enough For mommy to gently speak me through opening the locking 
Mechanism. Shuuu weeee 
Mommy is thankful now and again for coffee in the day and some wine 
At night