Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Craftalu giveaway

Craftalu is such Fun. A all inclusive packed box of creative goodies for you and your kiddie to do. 
Clear instructions ,everything's marked and ready to do , for that specific craft
~  delivered straight to you, no hassle at all. 
Worth every cent, and great for the rainy days ahead. ~overcoming mom 

Monthly craft boxes for R350 (4 craft projects). R340 per month for 3 month subscription, R330 for 6 months, R320 for 12 months. 50% discount for sibling.
Monthly home deliveries of kids arts and crafts, specifically designed to not only be fun but also encourage and enhance vital developmental milestones!

As busy moms, we know how hard it can be to find the time to not only come up with crafts to do with your kids, but also source the materials! Even after all this you're still not sure whether you've 
come up with something that'll boost your child's rapidly developing brain. And that's why we 
developed Craftalu.

Craftalu is designed to spark kids’ natural creativity and curiosity with Occupational-Therapist approved, hand-selected projects and materials. We created Craftalu because we want to make it fun and easy to spend “healthy,” fun time, exploring and creating together. Website coming soon!


To win this months awesome box, 
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Giveaway ends on Sunday 19 April @midnight