Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My mommy heart is broken

My mommy heart is broken. Not for my own child but for my friends mom. 
Not too go into to much detail. A school friend married a church friend and through friendship circles we began to pray for this dearest girl. 
They lost their baby around 39 weeks  due to fatty liver disease. It's very rare, fat can build up in the liver of a mother during-pregnancy, putting both mother and fetus at serious risk. Either may develop liver failure, kidney failure, severe infection, or hemorrhage. 

After nearly 59 days in ICU,  fighting for her life, she is on life support and we are all awaiting a miracle through the wonderful power of prayer. Last night a group of friends and family came together in the church's Chappel to pray. It was a spirit filled evening of Hope and courage. 
This morning I went to visit the girls family for support and some refreshments,when I arrived they were going in to pray for her. I stayed back and prayed outside her room, that's the moment I realized,

Life is so precious
It's such a blessing 
Looking at her through the eyes of her tearful dad was devastating 
Watching her husband love her so deeply and kiss her gently on her head and 
Her mom rub her hand so softly and still hang onto all hope.

Today readers , followers, friends , keep praying with me and never take a moment for granted. 

Love love love each other, 
Love your children, 
Love your spouse, 
Love your mom and dad 

Don't worry about the immaterial "silly" things of life, honestly life is precious and dear.  keep your faith strong x 

My heart is broken for this situation but I stand strong in the belief that our God knows best x