Thursday, 23 April 2015

Pitta-Patta little feet ..... Today your little one is in for a treat :-0

Pitta-Patta little feet ..... Today your little one is in for a treat :-0)

Babies and kiddies love walking bare foot. And frankly “Barefoot is Best”. However,  
this is not always practical or possible That is why we have designed our shoes.
to give your child the closest feel to walking bare foot.
What to look for in baby shoes
Flexible soles give these little growing feet the perfect environment to develop and strengthen
while learning to walk, in a nutshell “ No support is all they need”. Little feet get really hot because they exert 
a lot of energy, so it's important that the shoe allows the feet  to 'breathe.' A shoe made withunlined leather
is ideal for a baby and toddler. So at Pitta-Patta, all our shoes are unlined, (so they absorb the 
moisture and then keep the feet cool), and they sport a soft, flexible, slip-resistant suede sole.
Pitta-Patta - Manufacturers of Leather Baby ShoesKonrad Cell: 082 253 1491 
Pitta-Patta House:
Tel/Fax 021 556 72 52,
P.O.Box 11105, Boubergrant, Cape Town, S.A, 7443
Pitta-Patta Shop:
119 Blaauwberg Rd, Table View, Cape Town, S.A. 7441

"Ordered my second batch of shoes from Pitta-Patta on Friday and already received them this morning. They are stunning. Such excellent service and made so beautifully. Cannot wait to order some more." T. Roberts 

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