Wednesday, 8 April 2015

old school mommy


Thanx mom and dad for raising me to be the mom I am today.
Thank you dad for keeping mom at home so that we could have her raise us.

Thank you mom for those big cloth-nappy changes , late night feeds and sleepless nights ,
(and with me it took rather long-oops)
 Thank you mom,for being mom&dad in the early days when dad was away for work.
Thank you for surviving Young parenting , 21 is very young and you made it and to be added to that is, you made it without a mom/dad yourself.
And well done to both You and dad on not just surviving young parenting , but young marriage and 34 years later you still as happy as ever! That's a big High five from Matthew. 

Thank you for being home with us for 17 years, until you started your own small business. Thank you for the baby days, toddler years, primary school years, high school years, taxi years, studying years, marriage years , helping me get through 12 weeks of PND and thank you for still being my mommy.
I hope and pray I can be with Matthew for many years and raise him the way I was raised. 
Thank you mom for sending us outside and allowing us to get dirty really dirty, and then putting us in a huge Shipmate bubble bath with a dash of dettol to get us all cleaned and ready for bed.
Thank you dad for building us the best sandpit ever and making us our own swings and play gym. 
Thank you for raising us with routine, manners, dignity and pride. Thank you for dinners at the table & Grace before hand. Thank you for not giving us everything but giving is soooo much.
Thank you for home cooked dinners, prepared lunches and pay day treats.

Thank you for spoonfeeding us. Security & confidence is key .
 Thank you for our Bibles, Sunday school, youth and including God in our lives.