Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First time

Hello everyone. Welcome to September. Our wifi is still down in the area, I promise to post Little Owens story soon,0). 

There is a first one for everything. 
First time for our boy being sick: yes first time in 27 months 
Been a long two weeks of snotty ness, croup chests, teething, red cheeks, temps and grumps tots. Sleeping nights have their ups and downs. 
First Time for   for a week of no day naps !!! Please dont tell me the naps are over :0( I'm exhausted !

First time for 
Curry powder, milo, wee and play dough spread across my home, plus a added bonus of the insides f the vacuum cleaner : ones things for sure MR SAD was used very well. 

First time for seriously appreciating my baby gate. Yeh for dividing the house up. So at Least one side stays reasonably tidy. 

First time for going to a Camps Bay Beach and and not  being able to sit for one minute , busy toddler  toddling off 

First time 
This season For a ice cold day time shower , goodness it's hot today. 
To hot to go outside. Yet in winter we complain it's too wet to go out now we complain it's too hot yo go out . 
First time for seriously abusing the tv time, just to get a rest . Rest rest huh. Some time instead to get the cooking pots on and cleaning the floor before dad gets home :0) 

life is fresh, sunny and WONDERFUL......and the days can only be better ;0)