Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pop saves the day

When you wake up and you burnt out by 8am the morning. Your room looks the same each morning. And you restart clean and begin again.  Least to say last night when hubby came to bed he was not IMPRESSED !! Breakfast outies messed in his side of the bed, not cool :( 
Yesterday was a very long day. With double swimming lessons and overdoing it a bit, mr vomited rather a lot after his lesson, thankfully managing to just keep it out the pool. Poor angel was lights out for an hour yesterday afternoon....

Anyway he is at the age where make up,bangles & jewelry:Let alone anything in the house is me , I, I 
do , I help age. Shu. Patience. You get up to to get going to meet a friend and as you put your mascara on. A big blob smears in your eye. Ouch. Rush clean wash and start again. 

Now that you dressed, the kiddies room is tidy, your main bedroom is tidy, it's time to unpack the dishwasher, repack it and clean the kitchen, last but not least is the lounge, with a dash of mushed breakfast cereal in the carpet which takes some extra elbow grease.

Pack every exciting toy, crayons, juice, healthy snacks and out you trek , forgetting to hang up the second load of washing ( which can now wait till you get home ) 
5 minutes away from your destination your car starts to jerk a wee little, guess the red light you've been driving for 2 days is finally kicking in , so down I free wheel into the parking bay. 
This time I take the pram along, and finally get to meet up with such a blessing of a lady. 

At such peace that she can relate to me with my busy boy, who will not sit and occupy himself with all the STUFF I brought along. 
So off we dash to buy some 'healthy pops' , when getting to the till my card won't work, so off to the ATM we hurry to get some cash, 
And finally a strapped in toddler and the POP saves the day, actually two pops allowed !! mom a cup of hot coffee and catch up chat, so nice to be treated to a hot coffee :) THANK YOU 
On our way home after making it to the petrol station, blessed by OUR wonderful family :o)
m blissfully fell asleep and transferred well 
into his bed, 
While we in the bed topic, I tried out this wonderful idea, ( a dinky toddler bed in our main room ) for sicky nights, ecsema nights, cold, hot nights or any night or day needing mommy time, so far it's a great idea and working so well :)

This sleepy time allowed me to hurry that washing onto the line, Clean the toilet ( which had a few sprinkles of formula milk thrown tin it ), fill up the kettle just in time for a dearest friend who was in the area from the North, to visit. Yet again another spoil for us.

Off to make dinner.... Last night was rather yum : bacon, mushroom, mince, tinned tomatoe, tomatoe sauce, chutney, over buttery green beans :0) 

I love my friends, family, my hubby and dearest boy, and my Awesome GOD for all these dear 
blessings we have in our lives.....

Comment below in the comment section or on my facebook page, what a typical day is for you and your family? Are you constantly cleaning? And what is your tot up to?