Friday, 26 September 2014

Mommy Today

The mommy in me today congratulates the winner of our wonderful giveaway HUMPTY DUMPTY DIAPERS : Christine In Cape Town Congrats. Enjoy this great boys nappy. Exciting 
This mommy started the day with a poo accident on the carpet by a little toddler waiting for his morning nappy..... Nothing a dettol cloth and some scrubbing muscle can't fix.

With that some Cheerios and grapes are left sprinkled over the house with the odd few cars, puzzles, towels and pyjamas, but alas we head out to our music lesson ( mom with wet hair ( but a shower felt so good ) still bushy eye brows ( got to find that tweezer), a croaky throat cause a drs appointment is simply last on my many things to do :) So grateful  dear Claire is so patient with my very busy boy. Wriggle & Rhyme Claire Golding.

Home via the toy shop to cash in a voucher on some exciting educational toys for our boy, the teacher in me just simply cannot go without, shu the tension in a toy shop with a busy toddler, good thing we were in and out. 

Home before naps to finally unpack the dishwasher ( beyond appreciative for that washywashy 
machine ) hang 2 loads of washing out in this cold weather & give up my provita,cheese and yoghurt to an extra hungry boy : that's what this mama does .... Mmmm, maybe I'll shed a kg of 2;)
So grateful for a hubby who is home later to help a bit & for last night 1.5hrs of out time, 
Out where? Out grocery shopping. Ha ha 

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Happy weekend everyone 
Look forward to our exciting Shooshoo giveaway in less than 2 weeks x