Sunday, 21 September 2014

My privileged giveaway

Before I blog. We all content back here, big boy is back to sleeping 2-3 hours during the day and sleeps so well at night in his little tots bed, the vocab is growing daily, the hugs and kisses are becoming more, the whys and where we going has started and me do everything ..... 
Happiness is ..... Love is ...
I've also been blessed I write and try help with funds for little Nicela .....bless the family x
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I had the honour of being invited to share my journey, my story and my blog with a bunch of mommies at our local Parent Centre. What a lovely bunch of women, run by 2 exceptional hosts. The moms are welcomed with a warm Cuppa something or glass of water with a biscuit and shown to a comfy seat before the various speakers begin to talk. 

If you in Cape Town and are pregnant or have a baby 0-12 months old, please support this lovely group for just R50 for the morning.
 ‪#‎MomsCircleGroup - Mediclinic Constantiaberg - we meet from 10am - 12 noon: Thursdays 
Cape Town medic clinic Tuesdays 10-12 
Click here for more info

I loved sharing my story with the mommies and have since started my planning for a non formal support group and am Currently seeing and helping two mommies, with their journey ....
I love the support there is together and that we all so real ....
--a little note back to me --
( Thank you so much for your frank, real and honest sharing with the moms 
today - I cant tell you how we appreciate it and the talk went down really
really well with the Moms.
We could see them listening attentively and so much of what you said
resonated with so many of the Moms.

You managed to put across just the sort of information they needed to know,
and in such a positive yet gentle way and you really gave them hope and
something to strive towards and look forward to , on their ( often bumpy)
journey of motherhood.  Most of the Moms are feeling sleep deprived at
present as their babes are still so little, and as you know, this just
exacerbates so many emotions and feelings, yet seeing you look and feel so
positive and relaxed and really joyful in your role of Mom, was testament to
the fact that with intervention and talking, we are all winners.
Keep up the good work  - your time and input this morning was so valuable.)

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X Hugs