Saturday, 16 August 2014

Yeh for cheat day

Today was payday. Hip hip horay. When surviving off r20 for last 3 days is all you did, you can  Only smile and say thank you for today.

Today feels like cheat day. It feels as though we've been on diet for a month and we allowed one cheat day, so we did it, on a budget of course.

Westocked up on groceries, spoilt ourselves with avos and pears, jocks and socks for the big man and    A much needed duvet cover for the little man, with a added bonus of a sticker or two to bringing in the new and out with the old. In with the big boy room and out with the baby :( ..... Good bye pooh bear, hello mr transport.......trucks, mixers, 

graders and bulldozers, the new thing around here.....( as for mom : she can wait : it birthday time soon. 

With hubby's latest super high blood pressure scare it was off to the local pharmaceutical shop to get some recommended vitamins, and added to that was milk and nappies.... Yikes..... Let's just stop there

After that spend, it's  
A little stop off for a smoothie together...... '& it was sleep time for little boy and rugby for dad..
Wallets closed, budget in check &
We can breath again, even if just for a while....

Blessed, happy. Appreciative and thankful .....For those mommies or daddies on their own , keep it up, I pray you get 
moments of rest, support and oodles of love. Don't ever think it's always peaches & cream with someone else.

 Everyone has their battles, it's getting through them that counts. 

Be strong, keep praying. Keep the faith and one step at a time .....


Ps. I was absolutely honoured to be able to share about my blog and overcoming PND on Cape Talk this past Fiday : Cape Talk Kim Ingpen. Thank to all of you for the support and to my mom&dad especially : my biggest Fans