Wednesday, 6 August 2014


dear ,friend has recently been through a rough patch.  My love, heart & support was with her. I could relate to her every step of the way. Losing a baby is one of the hardest ...but God has our lives planned out for us and sometimes these roads are slightly bumpy.

Here's her story.

When life hands you squeeze your husband's hand tight and bawl your eyes out! & you drink the lemonade afterwards when everything has settled down.
I think one thing every pregnant woman fears is blood. I know I did.
Until it happened to me. I was only 8 weeks into a very easy pregnancy...very few symptoms,not 

much queasiness.(Maybe a sign that things weren't going along as planned) But being very busy with 
an active 15month old toddler you put this at the back of your mind.

But on Tuesday I started spotting. So I read up in my books where it said its normal. But by Wednesday it started getting worse and by Thursday morning I knew there were problems.

My gynea was away so I was referred to another dr, who said to come in immediately. By now, I was preparing myself for the worst.
But nothing can prepare you for hearing, "I'm so sorry, there's no heart beat." 

My husband put his head on mine and we both just cried.    
She booked me straight into the hospital for a D&C. (Dilation and curettage (D&C) it is a brief surgical procedure in which the cervix is dilated and a special instrument is used to scrape the uterine lining.)

I sat in her room and cried even more!... I couldn't leave Christian! He had a bad cold, he wouldn't 

settle without me at home!! I had taken meat out of the fridge for supper!!... My husband held my 
hand and said he would take care of it. I need to get looked after by the hospital.
The hospital staff were great. Extremely sympathetic and caring. The operation went well and I was 

recovering nicely. But I couldn't sleep! I was stressing about my sick baby at home and the ladies' snoring in my ward were keeping me awake. At 12 that night I was desperate. Exhausted, emotional 
and downright sad.
When my husband messaged me to say my son was crying hysterically and wouldn't settle. I did what any mom would do and discharged myself. After a very late night call to my dr, the nurses said I could leave.

Once home, my son settled, but was coughing and wheezing quite a bit. We decided that in the morning we would take him to the pediatrician.

On Thursday, the pead checked Christian's lungs and told us he would need to be admitted. 

I just sat there and cried.

After putting my big girl panties on, we once again checked into the hospital. 

A few nurses and drs were very confused as to why I was back. 

Turned out C had RSV, flu and pneumonia...

He needed antibiotics and nebulisation every 4 hours.

I had a fold out couch/bed to sleep on and lots and lots of support from nurses, friends and family. 

Somehow C remained in high spirits and charmed the nurses, cleaning staff and other parents! My husband did the day shift and I went home to sleep and shower. I walked around the ward in my slippers a lot and my mom came to watch C so
 my husband and I could have suppers together.

After spending 4 nights in the hospital we were allowed home!

Once home I felt absolutely exhausted!
But better after a bit of a snooze.

I think the severity of it all hasn't yet sunk in, but I do know that God has a plan for everything and that everything happens for a reason.

I am once again reminded of the importance of family. And that even a few whatsaps and Facebook messages from friends can carry you for days.

And in the end... HE > i (John 3:30)

bless you my friend, this too shall pass Xxx