Sunday, 3 August 2014

Appreciate it

After a weekend of musical beds. Yawn.
Today is Monday, today we think of little Owen having his special cochlear implant : 
                                             JOURNEY 2 SOUND 
After today he will be able to hear everything .... Blessings. Count your blessings :) 
This weekend we celebrated 40 years of a stunning girls life. What a superb night to be out with
hubby. Dancing shoes on, back to school dress up & Seeing Sjaan surrounded by her dearest of people in her life. The smiles that filled her face & the tender words her husband said about her, was a beautiful evening to be part of. 

What a great party after a tough financial week. 
   We were whole heartedly blessed this past week & weekend by 
friends and family. Thank you.
I am too grateful for a husband who has a job. He has a job and he brings such joy to so many lives. He has a wonderful bubbly way of teaching young kids. 

I am grateful for our beautiful little boy, our warm home, a daily cooked meal, a wonderful God and special people u can call family& friends. 
We live in a beautiful city & we all have something to be grateful for. 

It reminded me to look around and be grateful for friends family & people. 
It reminded me to think of each other. 

Be it the good the bad or the ugly ;)
Looking out for one another in times of needs, sickness,health, strength &weakness. 
Have you ever sat back and being truly thankful for the smallest blessings in your life. 
Be it that you have 10 fingers, 
a house :big or small , 
running water, 
fancy or basic beverages, good health or even the opportunity to get medical help. 
Be at peace with what you have 

Number 10 is a great reminder to be at peace, be grateful, thankful and happy with your awesome life.

When last did you bless someone. When last did you think of those a little less fortunate than yourself.
 When last were you thankful for all you have. 
That doesn't mean the best of the best. 
It means being thankful for the tiniest of things. 

Take a moment to be thankful & reach out a hand to someone today xxx 

We off to start a new term of swimming lessons ( eek do I have to put a swimming costume on ) 
Have a beautiful day.