Sunday, 10 August 2014

I didn't know

Before I get to the I didn't know, here's a update on us. 
Exceptionally rough financial month, shu, never did I think we'd fall this $low, but never did I think my faith would be so strong. 
Never did I think friends would bring their own milk, bread or a delicious salad, yikes, but glad to call them fiends.

The bed sleeping story is getting better. In a way it felt as though we went back 20 months , with the 4am  wake ups, bottle making , nappy changing and back to bed. Slowly it's coming together. As for the day sleeps, they getting shorter and harder work to keep him in the bed, but this too will improve. 
As for mommy, well she is everything at the moment. Hardly leaves mommies side.  
We think it's molars coming for the last week.

 Fingers in mouth, clingy, and seriously mommy mommy mommy. 
After a wet week 

we had a super warm weekend.....even a beautiful Full moon & 
The mornings are getting lighter earlier and nights getting darker later..... 

Here's to a super week ahead. 
A very special thank you to Catherine at Sorbet Blue Route Mall for her amazing service and for Sorbet for their great customer care. I absolutely loved my massage. 
In closing. Here's a list of 

  • I'd love so deeply
  • I'd ever fall pregnant with Matthew 
  • I'd ever go through a miscarriage and never forget it
  • A child could fill my heart with so much happiness.          
  • Life would be so pricey but rewarding 
  • Teaching your own would be such fun
  • That my husband could work so hard giving us this time at home
  • That my family would have to support us as much as they do, for nothing in return : That is love
  • That swimming lessons would pay off so well
  • Is watch Barney over 100 times a month
  • I'd be so happy being a stay at home mommy
  • In the same breath : that it would be such hard work & be so rewarding
  • Going to church with a toddler could be such a challenge but yet so important. Seeing little ones raise their hands to Him. Priceless. 
  • God was so amazingly awesome
  • That family would be so close & love so much
  • That money would be so little yet so much 
  • Friends out of this world in support and love
  • My child would ever start to speak, yes he is only 26 months but as he has began to talk I still can't believe how miraculous it is to teach someone.
  • My child would sleep through from 16 weeks -24 months and then become At musical bed specialist.
  • My child would drink so many bottles of milk 
  • My boy would love a pram so much & adore Jonty my moms dog
  • That my boy! Yes my boy! would do what those boys did or do. Touch TVs, run wild, climb stairs, burglar bars, beds, tables, throw balls& food, kick whatever he has in front of him, wake up in the night, sleep in our bed, eat a lot and then a little, not always saying hello or goodbye. Shu how not to ever judge. We all unique and we all do our best.
  • That my blog would impact so many and do so well 
  • That God would work miracles as he has, I pray he continues to do so, in all our lives.   
With love and hugs, 

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