Saturday, 14 March 2015

Play school for me ? NEVER ( for moms birth -2years old)

 I'm a born teacher, I studied pre K. I taught, now why would I be a stay at home mommy and send my beautiful boy to school?Never ever!

But it changed. Just as everyone said it would. 
Mr moo was ready, ready for friends, had better understanding, could communicate, it was time for fun, yes mom, fun.

2015 came and I was so fortunate to find a place at a nearby play school, fortunate yes....
Why fortunate.... Because other moms who didn't think like me , put their kids names on lists at all or most play schools and pre schools and here I was Harry casual about schooling ......
Matthew adores his school, I am blessed with two awesome teachers , who have helped this TEACHER mommy integrate her child into the new BIG STEP. thank you L and B. It's been a wonderful a journey this far.
One mistake I did make was enrol him for 3 days, and as everyone said , soon he will be ready for 5 and this came around sooner than later , now we stuck with 3..... 
But 2 days  at home are awesome too..... Outing days for mommy&bobo..
Next mistake is 2016,2017,2018~What to do then ~So time to jump and get mr moos name down..... And hope and pray for placement somewhere ~

So tips to new mommies or mommies like me, even if unsure, put your little ones name down at a couple of schools for the ages before Primary school, and my tip is for 5 days even if you start at 2/3.

Ps : those who homeschool. Love it too~ Well done to each mommy homeschooler , you are awesome.