Monday, 23 March 2015

Dear diary day 1 coming off meds the last stretch

Day 1 
Last year this time I felt ready  to be weaned from my 60mg. I went to see my psychiatrist who advised we wean slowly to half. It took me a month and I was successfully weaned from 60 to 30. The withdrawals were tough, and this lasted about 2 weeks   I felt flush, nauseous and had headaches. I was surrounded by great friends, family and prayer. I kept active drank a lot of water, ate a lot of chewing gum and I made it through the withdrawals.

Yesterday was approximately a year later that I returned to my psychiatrist to begin our next process of weaning. I could of strafed earlier but I didn't feel ready till now. 
We gave a stately in place and we began yesterday. Yesterday was no tablet what so ever. Just my normal multivitamin and omega. 
Because I normally take my 30mg first thing in the morning I could feel a bit if brain friction, nauseous and had a headache by 2pm, but I pushed through and today I have taken one 30mg tablet .

Chat tomorrow,