Thursday, 21 May 2015

Pink nail polish remover. ( why I've been so quiet)

pink nail polish remover 

Oh my hat ! Here's my last week behind me. 
I hope it makes you giggle, and may I not be alone 
Sorry I've been super quiet. This is how it goes 
One flat car battery needing a tow -to fit a new battery , 
To dad's car needing 4 new tyres. Not 2 like we hoped for but 4! 
And my 2 month broken washing machine needing 
To be fetched to be repaired in the factory meaning 
I have no water for the dishwasher. What a catastrophe !

Adding to that is mr moos 3rd birthday party tomorrow as he 
Turns the big 3 on Saturday. What a joy he is to us. 

So this week is all sorts of party shopping and today was
Extra hectic. 
Rushing from shop to shop for last minute stuff 
And home to click the kettle on before load shedding and 
Then off to fetch mr m from school and home to 
Do non electrical stuff. Like wash dishes and catching 
A moment to paint my nails after puzzle building and 
The tv comes back on and yeh for a moment to 
Breath. And put the dinner on before heading out to tutor 

While I turn my back I hear silence. I go outside to 
Find a moment  of speechlessness 

Pink nail polish from the tips of his hair to this nose , pants 
And. Yikes. Off I run to grab a full bottle of nail polish 
Remover and successfully got things cleaned ( besides the pants of course )

But oh dear there goes my manicure , guess I'll have 
To try that agin tomorrow 


Now for cake building 
Pics to follow
Giveaways next week and 
Plenty thank yous 

Oh wait did I mention Matthew has ecsema and he will have to patiently wait to Deturn pink and that he got new chalk today for the outside walkways but decided to miss the walkways instead and decorate some walls for us ..... Yeh for chalk. After wall it's really just dusting it off