Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Stuff you don't know about OVERCOMING MOM

Some things you may or may not know about me : 

  1. I have lived in a Cape Town my whole life 
  2. My love  language is giving 
  3. I am A very proud Christian 
  4. I have one brother, 2 sister in laws, 1 brother in law , 2 nephews 
  5. I live in a little cottage in a super beautiful area in the South of Cape Town
  6. I taught grade 2 for 9 years after studying a degree in teaching, alongside my husband, then dating 
  7. I love sushi, wine and fine dining 
  8. I love trail walks & runs , yes don't laugh, I do.
  9. I have been super blonde before, super dark before, long hair, short hair and medium hair 
  10. I totally wish I was 20 kg lighter but as long as I keep trying and keep as healthy and as fit as I can be it's ok, life is short 
  11. My husband teachers too
  12. I have one little boy who makes me super super happy 
  13. Favourite colours are pink & purple 
  14. I'm a huge  +Woolworths South Africa  , +Exclusive Books , +Seattle Coffee Company 
  15. I love love love mac make up so much 
  16. I love earrings but can't wear them :( ears don't allow any metals
  17. I m not a huge medicine fan but a huge vitamin omega fan. However for now a brain tab is needed for some needed balance & some great vitamins and omegas to give me that daily vooma x
  18. I work a couple days a week tutoring some darling kids for my tutor group  calked. mindsgrowing   Mindsgrowing@gmail.com 
  19. I hardly watch TV : no time for that and would rather read a book or a good old HELLO mag , but do make time for Greys, masterchef , and the odd movie now and again.
  20. Talking about movies if time allowed and mom was closer , I would run for a good  old cinema movie , the hugest popcorn and soda, now that sounds appealing 
  21. Wish I made more time for long candlelight hot baths with the amazing +Rain Productions 
  22. I am blessed with a super mom, ,mom in law and wonderful friends
  23. Matthew only started a play group at 2 years old 8 months and loves it, and will do another year in play school, before he goes to pre school 
  24. I often drive my car with the Red petrol light on , putting in petrol kills me
  25. I live in tights , not the best figure for them, but once you go zip free, you struggle to go back, comfy is key as a mamma
  26. I like order and am a huge planner , but have so learnt to chill and kind of have no choice after baby.
  27. I didn't breastfeed and I had a c section , and that's Ok
  28. I wish I had baby bum skin, like I use to , but that's out of my control too, as long as I continue it's cleanse and moisture twice daily - environ product proud 
  29. I'm a biggie on kids buckled in and no smoking whatsoever ever around kiddies, especially in cars.
  30. Love pretty homey decor and all things girly 
  31. I'm big on no cell phones or media or techy stuff in company , a bit old school that way. 
  32. Big on fighting for marriages and happy families.
  33. Wish I had oodles of money, a new car, a 3 bed roomed house, new clothes, and extra. Cash to spoil my loved ones, but for now , my little cute home, my reliable car, my good quality clothes, my home painted nails, my home made food, my supportive husband and the joy to be hone with my little beautiful blessing called my son : is way more important to me for now.